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  • Your piece has to be relating to lifestyle topics including but not limited to:
    • Health and Fitness
    • Life Experiences/Life Advice
    • University or College-related posts (a.k.a "Back to School")
    • Beauty/Skin-care
    • Planning/Organization
    • Mental Health
    • DIYs and Life Hacks
  • You will need to email the title and/or draft/outline of your piece (the draft/outline is optional but will give a better idea of what you are going to write) of your post and will need to then email the entire post if your post idea is approved. 
    • After getting approval, you will need to send the entire post via email and await further confirmation/changes.
  • A minimum of one picture - either self-taken or taken off of a website that allows free pictures to be used (e.g. unsplash.com). You will need to mention the source of the picture and if it is taken from a website, you will need to link that as well.
    • The picture will be used as a thumbnail or can be simply a part of the post
  • Please send the outline/draft/completed post as a word document, google docs link, or typed in the email itself (.doc files are the most preferred format)
You don't need to commit to guest posting on this blog however you are encouraged to do so!
This will be an unpaid guest post, however, you will be allowed to link to your website and social media accounts at the end of the post and you can also link to articles on your blog only if it helps the article you are writing for this blog. Please mention in the email if you are planning to do this.

By guest posting, you will gain exposure to more readers/viewers!

If you have a topic that isn't one of the above, you can still E-mail your topic suggestion with

Disclaimer: Guest Posts are currently not paid. Once your post is uploaded to this blog, it is the property of our website and cannot be reposted elsewhere.


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If form above doesn't work, please email me at niharika.r.shinde@gmail.com with the subject as "Guest Post Submission".

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