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What I am loving this month! - September Favorites

I usually don't have time to shop during the semester but I spent summer break with my parents and we did just that. I got a couple things from India and also some from stores such as T.J Maxx and Target (which has great deals by the way - I especially love the clearance section!)

september 2018 favorites

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favorite lifestyle and beauty products september fall

Disclosure: Some of the links in this article are affiliate links, which means that I get a commission if you choose to purchase after clicking a link. This doesn’t cost you anything, and I only recommend products I love! Thank you for supporting the work I put into this site!

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Kama Ayurveda Face Cleanser (Rose and Jasmine)

kama ayurveda face cleanser facewash skincare

I discovered this product when I forgot my facewash at my friend's place and used this same product that she owns. I fell absolutely in love with the Kama Ayurveda Rose Jasmine Face Cleanser just in my first use! I love how my skin feels after using this god-sent cleanser - it leaves my face glowing! What is also amazing is that it is made from natural ingredients. I am not sure if it is animal cruelty-free since it doesn't mention that however, it does say that the product is 100% vegetarian. The cleanser is around $15 (unless the price changes by the time you click on the link above!). The cleanser is great if you have oily and/or acne-prone skin as it helps get rid of acne spots and scars! I highly recommend this product. 10/10!

kama ayurveda face cleanser facewash skincare

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Wet N Wild Photo Focus Concealer

Wet N Wild Photo Focus Concealer tawny concealer

I have really been loving the Wet N Wild Photo Focus Concealer (my shade is Medium Tawny - 842B). Once again, I discovered this because my friend had it and I guess it was just convenient seeing that the shade matched my skin perfectly and I didn't have to worry about ordering an unknown product that I wasn't sure was going to work for me. This concealer is pretty small, it is cruelty-free (woohoo!), and has a wand applicator (kind of like what a lot of liquid lipsticks have). I don't know if the applicator is the best especially considering that sometimes I get breakouts and I wouldn't want bacteria to get into the bottle. However, I wouldn't expect a pump mechanism for a $3.99 product. I think this product is very affordable and completely worth it!

Wet N Wild Photo Focus Concealer makeup

Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Nail Polish

Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Nail Polish nude-tral shade

I have been searching for the perfect shade of nude nail polish for ages and I finally found it! For me, it's the Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Nail 143 in "nude-tral". I would say that the formula isn't the best. The nail polish does chip easily and peels sometimes. At the same, though, it has been the best nude I have ever owned. It's not too light and it isn't dark as to be classified as a "brown" - it's, in my opinion, the perfect nude! Of course, it can also depend on your skin tone and color preferences what your perfect nude is. For me, I love that it is very close to my tan skin tone and I prefer to have it that way!
Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Nail Polish nude shade

The Body Shop Shea Body Mist

The Body Shop Shea Body Mist

This product is a very simple favorite. The Body Shop Shea Body Mist is a simple product that smells great! I personally prefer sweet smells because stronger scents can sometimes give me a headache. Once again I love that the company is an animal cruelty-free. I got this at T.J Maxx for a pretty good deal at the clearance section and thought I'd give it a try and so far I love it! It suits my skin well and it's a simple and good product!
The Body Shop Shea Body Mist

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many lives many masters dr. brian weiss book reincarnation

I've recently gotten back into my spirituality and I decided to re-read books from one of my favorite authors - Dr. Brian Weiss. If you want to learn about or are curious about Past Lives, Hypnosis, Regression, Spiritual planes, etc. you should definitely read the books by Dr. Weiss! Currently I am reading Many Lives, Many Masters. I can't wait to read all the others I have as well!

many lives many masters dr. brian weiss book

Have you used any of the products above? Do you like them or do you have a better dupe/option?
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