Monday, August 27, 2018

Black & White & Wise has now been renamed! + Updates

Hey Guys!
If you are wondering why this blog looks different, it is because I have changed my blog's name from "Black & White & Wise" to "The Monochromatic Blog". My socials have also changed as follows:
Instagram: @themonochromaticblogger
Facebook: @themonochromaticblog

I finally decided to get my own domain as the ugly "" in my URL was making my website look unprofessional and I think it was also limiting my website's potential. I decided to also change my blog's name to The Monochromatic Blog because my old name didn't feel true to myself anymore. I think I outgrew that name and decided to name it something I came up with literally a day before I got my domain. I love this new name so much more and I hope you do as well!

the monochromatic blog logo copyright

I will be focusing on my blog as much as possible and will be working on a few things such as building an email list, etc.

If you didn't know already, you can now GUEST POST on my blog! Click here to be redirected to the requirements and submissions page.

I have also opened an Etsy store if you didn't know already!: Click here to go to my Etsy store!

I am excited to have some great new content out for you guys and hoping some of you would also like to collaborate with me and write articles for my blog!

What's coming out this month and next month:

  • Makeup and Skincare Essentials (Guest Post)
  • Back-to-school/Back-to-college series
Follow my socials and/or my blog for more!

Thank you for supporting my website
Love you all!❤


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