Friday, June 29, 2018

Quick 10-minute Bullet Journal Spread for when you are busy! - July 2018

bullet journal spread july 2018 quick and easy

Summer can get really busy and even though you love the notebook that you use for journaling or really want to plan your summer, sometimes you just don't have the time to fill up your bullet journal with 10 different washi tapes and 10 different layouts across 10 different pages.

So here's a really quick and simple bullet journal spread/layout I did for July 2018 that takes 10 minutes to do and doesn't require a lot of brain power in terms of creativity and design.

If you want to skip this post and watch the video so you can multitask or simply due to preference, click on my youtube video below! If not, just scroll down...

bullet journal spread july 2018

I faced two main problems when preparing to make my July spread.
The first problem was that I didn't bring any of my Tombow calligraphy pens, washi tapes, etc. and also didn't have any watercolors to decorate with instead. The second was that I didn't have much time to make my spread as my summer has been pretty busy so far.
I had to do with what I had - which was, obviously, my Moleskine bullet journal, some construction paper, and my black ball pens (and a sketch pen). 

Here is my minimal and simple bullet journal spread for the month of July made with the least number of stationery items I have used ever and least amount of time. Bullet Journal: Extremely Minimal Edition.

bullet journal spread july 2018 quick and easy

bullet journal spread july 2018 quick and easy

bullet journal spread july 2018 quick and easy

I dislike writing with a ball pen and strongly prefer gel especially for bullet journaling. I think my bullet journal spread for this month was definitely less neat but it was very simple since I didn't have too many materials to work with. It was also shorter since I know in July I will be vacationing and I only have one summer class I am taking online.

I only added basic elements to my journal - monthly calendar overview, monthly goals and tasks, important dates and deadlines for the month, and simple weekly spreads with my 4th and the 5th week being merged under the heading "Week 4" and having only different task categories headlined.

I recommend this "flash journaling" spread for anyone who doesn't have time to create a full-on spread and will be having a "meh" month with not much to plan!

Have you made your Bullet Journal spread for July yet? Comment below and let me 

know what style your monthly spread is - minimal or decorative?