Sunday, September 10, 2017

College. For the first time.

So, it's happening. I'm going to college for the very first time. It's weird because as I'm writing this it still hasn't hit me even though that's what the first sentence could imply. I know it's happening but it hasn't hit me. Do you know what I mean? I thought by now I would have a million emotions and thoughts but nope. Nothing.

(A few days later...)

I haven't really gotten time to write or even think much in the last few days because my dad and I have been just running to Walmart and other places to buy essentials and chocolate, of course. I also got sick so have been sleeping a shit-ton (it sucks). Thankfully, I didn't get jet-lagged because I adjusted my sleeping schedule on the airplane. Life hack: If you are travelling to another country where the timezone is very different form your timezone, add the new timezone to your world clock and sleep according to the time at your destination country. Avoid getting jet-lagged!
I don't think I have a roommate because nobody has showed up yet and it is move-in day. I'm confused because my university's Resident Life emailed me saying that all single rooms were taken but apparently I have a single room now (?). I'm really happy I got a single because I love my own personal space and I don't have to meet another person halfway in terms of sleeping schedule and when I can play music, etc. I can also use the whole room!

My room is a mess. An absolute mess. The first two days after my dad left were occupied by the events the university had organized and it was mandatory to attend. It was exhausting and some of it boring too, but hey whatever. Since classes will be starting tomorrow I probably won't have time to clean up until the weekend.

(Next few days...)

I can't really judge how intense the classes are from day 1, especially because one of my classes got postponed to 31st October (4 of us weren't informed ahead of time for some reason, but it's cool).

All the first classes were about the professor introducing himself/herself and us introducing ourselves to the professor. Not much happened. The syllabuses for all the classes were handed out and it is quite different than what I'm used to. A levels were pretty straightforward and the only thing that the syllabus contained was what will be in the final exam. Here, it has so much information and is easy to forget. However, 5-10% of my grade is attendance - easy!

Turns out, reading assignments don't wait and I have a ton already. I've planned to finish the assignments a.s.a.p so I can develop a habit of doing my assignments before time throughout the semester and avoid wanting to re-post every semester-related memes:

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I'm also trying to get a part-time job on campus but I didn't realize that everyone would be desperate and would get all the jobs before I even remembered that I had to apply. There is one job that is still open (and where the fact that I'm not 18 yet doesn't cause a problem) so I'm really hoping that I can get that job.

I am one of those weird people who love studying (most of the time) so doing assignments early actually gives me great satisfaction. I hope my motivation can last and that I can overcome the laziness that resides in me. Thankfully, it hasn't crept in yet (knock on wood?).

I finished unpacking this week so I feel pretty good (except about the mess on the extra bed).

I don't feel nervous or scared or any such negative emotion. It is definitely a new situation but I don't feel completely aloof or like a complete stranger, if that makes any sense.

I definitely need to get my shit together and I know it seems like I'm saying this way too early but I don't mean it in that way. I want to get better at balancing everything in my life, not just college assignments. I want to be able to take out time for reading, and blogging (my blogging game hasn't been strong since I left India) and other hobbies/interests of mine even after attending college full time and a potential part time job in the future. I want to be able to manage my time very effectively and I think with a little more effort every day and with a good prioritizing system I can achieve that. I think I really want to learn to do that and that is my main goal for this "new beginning". Along with making a lot of money ($$$$). Just kidding, but not really though (someone fund my life for free, please).

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