Saturday, August 12, 2017

Weekend Notes

I woke up pretty early today. Around 7:30 am the first alarm rang and I only snoozed it around 2 or 3 times before I finally got myself to wake up properly. Just like the previous few days, I was greeted by a wet nose and small paws. It's a bittersweet day. Snowy (my foster puppy) was finally about to get adopted and I couldn't be happier that she was getting a permanent and loving home but she became such an important part of my life even though she's been living in my room for only 2-ish weeks.

She threw a fit last night and her behavior was kind of getting on my nerves. I couldn't understand why she was whining and whimpering so much. I gave her plenty food (probably more than I should have) and she still wouldn't sit quietly. For the first time in the 13 or so days she's been with me, she was biting everything from the wooden skirting on my wall to her cage and wasn't ready to listen to anything I said. I don't know if it was because she knew what was going to happen the next day or because of something else.

She looks so cute it's hard to be mad at her for her temporary bad behavior!
Around 8:05 am the person who was coming to adopt her arrived. He sat in the seating area outside of my apartment and we tried to get Snowy familiar to him while I was with her in hopes that she wouldn't be scared when he took her away from me. She gave him some attention only when he held the bag of puppy kibble. Eventually, when he stood up, she did try to "attack" his shoes like she does to me and my cousin (or anyone she is familiar with) so we decided it was time for him to take her home.

Once he left with Snowy, my cousin and I cleaned up my entire room and it seemed like it was cleaner than ever with an entire space now emptied, previously filled with a puppy, a large dog cage, newspapers, and toys. There were no ripped newspaper bits anymore and her food bowl (a plastic container, actually) was all gone. No tissue rolls ready on the window sill to clean up her pee when she decides to ignore the newspaper on the floor. It was empty. By impulse, my cousin and I avoided that area to prevent stepping on puppy pee which was no longer there. I kept looking over the bed to see nothing but just the floor. It was pretty sad if you didn't figure it out already.

A good few hours later, when I was having a shower, I got a call from the guy who adopted Snowy but couldn't answer it. My sixth sense told me something was wrong and I was 100% right when I had a feeling he was bringing her back.

He said he got breathing problems and had to use the pump once or twice. He also said that she wasn't adjusting that well and seemed scared. Snowy has been around kids since she was a tiny bean so I guess that could be a reason since there was no one my age or younger at the guy's place (?).

Thankfully, I had a backup plan. A family had contacted me a few days ago saying they wanted to see her and I agreed. The guy I talked about above contacted me yesterday and said he would definitely take her. The reasons why I told the guy he could take her instead of the family were: 1) He said his family (parents, I think) would be home all day even when he was at work so there would always be someone looking after her. The family wouldn't be home for a few hours because the parents work and their daughters go to college. 2) He had a dog before so he'd know how to take care of her since he has experience. 3) I didn't know earlier how serious the family was on wanting to adopt her till I told them that she had been adopted.

For some reason, it seemed like it was meant to be this way. I had the thought of calling the family immediately when I saw the guy's call but decided to wait and hear him out first in case I was just being paranoid. After talking to him and understanding the situation, I called the mother but she wasn't answering and then I tried calling the daughter. She picked up and I told her in a short and quick way that the puppy was available for adoption and she should come immediately after college.

Snowy was back, we put her in a different, smaller section of my room (enough for her to move around and everything) so that there would be lesser of a mess in the 2 hours she had to be with me. She seemed excited and I tried not to pamper her too much. I truly believe she will be happy with this other family and I hope she is the most pampered puppy ever. She is so smart and she truly deserves a permanent home.

So they came by 4:30 pm (I think) and took the puppy with them. I am so happy she finally (for real this time) has a permanent home. They were so happy that they got her and even Snowy immediately ran towards the girls when they came out of the elevator on my floor. It seemed like a way better match and I'm glad she got a chance at a better life instead of being scared and uncomfortable (I think she also prefers females over males). It was like giving her away all over again but seeing the familys' expressions and their immediate bond with her made me comfortable in letting her go...

The rest of the day has been basically cleaning up (since I'm not giving all my attention to a puppy anymore), running errands, and binge-watching TV shows with my cousin. Back to my regular puppy-less life.

Just in case you needed some new TV shows to binge-watch, here are my top 3 TV Shows this month so far:
  • Blindspot (probably my most favorite show out of all the shows I've watched)
  • Pretty Little Liars (ship SPOBY so hard, you don't even know)
  • Suits (Season 7 is finally airing, yas.)

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