Wednesday, August 16, 2017


I have been nominated for the Liebster Award by Emma from Beauty and Bentley.
(Thanks for the nomination!). I love her beauty and lifestyle blog! She has reviews of everything - drugstore products like Maybelline to luxe products like Chanel and has other amazing posts if you want to be inspired by her morning skincare routine or to travel to beautiful places on the weekend.

The Liebster Award is given to bloggers by other bloggers. Once nominated, you thank and give recognition to the blogger that nominated you and answer the 10 questions they ask. After this, the nominated blogger can pick 5-10 new bloggers to receive this award and create 10 new questions for these nominees.

The questions I was asked:

What is your favorite ever blog post and why?
I'm not sure if this question is asking for my favorite blog post on another blog or on my own blog - so I'll answer both ways. I don't have one blog post I like on other blogs but I usually like "Morning Routine" or "Skincare Routine" blog posts the most. As for on my own blog, I think I loved writing my post 8 Methods you can use to effectively plan your day the most. But I think I will also love making future posts related to college/university in a few weeks/months.

What was the inspiration behind your blog name?
My blog started out as mainly pieces of cathartic writing or posts about me realizing things in my life or around me. I wrote about events that occurred in my life and while sometimes traumatizing or just plain sad, the events helped me grow and helped me become smarter and be the person I am today. That's how I decided I wanted "wise" in the name of my blog. Of course, I am not trying to imply that I am the smartest human being because I am definitely not by any chance, but I do think I have gained some wisdom, especially in the last 2 or 3 years. The "Black and White" part was just originated from my aesthetic. I love the black and white aesthetic (with nudes involved, not just grayscale). I thought "Black and White and Wise" had a nice ring to it, hence that's what my blog's name became.

What was the last book you read?
Dan Brown's Angel & Demons. I know I've been stuck on that book forever but I think I will finish it by this week. I love all of Dan Browns' books I've read so far and I hope I can read Inferno soon (because I've had the book for ages but never came around to reading it).

Where is the next place you want to travel to?
I'd like to go back to Switzerland. I love mountains and snow and I love roaming the streets there. I was very young when I went and so cannot remember everything and probably missed out on so many adventures there so I'd like to go back. I'd also like to visit Honduras and Bora Bora in the future.

How do you stay motivate and organized when blogging?
Okay, so I have a blog post already on how I stay organized and consistent when blogging. The reason why you should click the link below is because I've been very successful in stay consistent and organized. The proof lies in the dates of all my blog posts (minimum 3 per week are posted) and the fact that I have 14 blog posts ready at this given moment.

Screenshot is taken from my Google Sheet, more details on the post linked above

Cats or Dogs?
Though I love all animals, I definitely am more biased towards dogs. I also feel like it's easier, for me personally, to understand a dog through its expressions compared to the same for a cat. I've been obsessed with dogs since as long as I can remember and for cats, I'm probably inclined towards relatively harmless kittens (I've been scratched by cats more than once).

What is your favorite item of clothing/fashion staple?
I think I'm just going to go with the basic black tee, probably cropped. To be more specific, a boxy rolled cuff cropped tee. I bought mine from Forever 21 and I absolutely love it. I feel like you can pair a basic tee with anything from normal jeans for a casual look or with ripped boyfriend jeans and some heels for a bawse look. There are is so much you can add to a simple black tee.

Would you rather explore the deep ocean or outer space?
To be honest, I'm terrified of the deep ocean because I lack the ability to hold my breath for too long and feel like I would drown before I even got to the deep ocean and going to outer space seems pretty lonely and it takes so long - your girl can't stay without WiFi that long. If I was given a 100% guarantee that none of my equipment would fail and I wouldn't drown, or be eaten by a shark, I'd definitely want to explore the deep ocean because nature is just so fascinating. Outer space, on the other hand, does look pretty from a very advanced telescope so I'd stick to that.

Favorite food?
Chalupas from Taco Bell without any doubt. I think a good tie or second place would be a shwarma.
I love food but I'm also very picky so I stick to the already discovered junk food that tastes the same every time.

What is your favorite way to spend the day?
I am a work-a-holic. Maybe I take too long to do a task or maybe I just like being busy the entire day. I am in love with productivity and so my favorite way to spend the day would be to get a lot of work done so that I can free up the next few days. If I'm not feeling like being productive, then my favorite way to spend a day would be to just be in bed all day, binge watch a lot of TV shows and maybe even read a book.

My nominations!

My questions for my nominees!

  1. What is your biggest pet peeve?
  2. What inspired you to start blogging?
  3. What do you want your next milestone/goal in life to be?
  4. What is a makeup item you cannot live without?
  5. Winter or Summer?
  6. Do you prefer city life or living in the countryside?
  7. What is one piece of advice/a quote you live by?
  8. What recent trend do you love and what recent trend are you hating?
  9. What was a really happy moment in your life that you will never forget?
  10. What are you the most thankful/grateful for?

Answer these questions and then tag other bloggers!

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