Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Cutting my hair short + Dealing with hair fall

As I'm writing this, I have long hair. Not insanely long hair, not even close to that. If I stand really straight, my hair is a little bit above from my elbows. I've dealt with hair fall almost my whole life. I'm sick of it at this point and don't know what to do about it.

A few months ago, I went to a trichologist (someone who specializes in hair loss problems scalp issues too) and she started prescribing my medicines for my dandruff (which I've also had forever) and my hair fall. She gave me some hair vitamins along with some other tablets and a medicated shampoo and hair cream.

I guess, because I've had these two problems for so long, it took some time for me to see the results. I did see the results. In about 2 months my hair fall got reduced to nothing. Nothing! I was relieved. Finally, the thing I was worried about the most was gone. Or was it?

My dandruff wasn't budging quite yet. It did reduce in some places but remained just as much in the rest of the places so my trichologist continued with some medicines and changed some others. I had exams and I was stressing out a lot. I had so much to do, yet I was dealing with the problem of not wanting to study because I was so over high school. One part of me told me to do whatever I could in the time I had before the exam date and the other part of me said it doesn't matter I got admission in my University already and every thing is set so why put in so many efforts? I listened to the side that I thought was right and studied my butt off. I knew it was the right thing to do. The dilemma now was that I had realized what I want to do a bit late and now had even fewer days to prepare for my exam. If you know anything about studying right for A level exams, you know there is a lot of different materials you have to go through and a lot of past papers to solve (unless you are a genius and only need the textbook to ace your exams, then, respect).

The stress may have been the main factor for my hair fall rising back from the dead. Of course, there could be other factors but I honestly have no clue what the other factor could be. My diet has been same for as long as I can remember (Indian food every single day unless I order something or eat at the mall). My hair fall became just as worse as it was when I first walked into my Trichologist's clinic. I continued the course hoping for some answers or an alternative medicine, or anything for that matter, that could help me when I next went to visit her. As I'm writing this, I still have to visit her today but I'm not sure what can happen in one month (my flight is next month). I'm not trying to be pessimistic because I truly want healthy hair again (I've had that only as "phases" in my life) but I have to also look at the realistic side. I don't want to be on heavy medication because I don't want to discover what side effects those could have.

Once I visit her, no matter what the situation is. Whether she prescribes medicines that will work or that will take time, I have decided to do the following:
Cut my hair short.

I'm not going to cut it very short - not a pixie, not even a bob. I'll go for shoulder length probably. I don't know if it is a myth or not but I have heard that cutting your hair can help your hair grow healthier. I don't know if that should work with my case or not but in my experience whenever I get a hair cut, my hair magically stops falling (I don't understand how, though). It could be due to some legitimate reason or just a placebo effect from reading such things on the internet but I shit you not, every time I have gotten a hair cut, my hair fall either decreases or stops.

So basically, I'm cutting my hair short for two intertwined reasons:
In hopes to stop my hair fall and because I may not get the time to take care of my hair once University begins so I don't want the quality of my hair to get worse because of not taking care of it. (In shorter words, less maintenance).

 x x x x x x x x

I just came back from my trichologist and she remembered that I'm flying next month (P.S. I love when your doctor/any professional person you come into contact with actually remembers things about you and doesn't just pretend to listen to the other things you said) so she gave me a 3 month course and said I could come back for a follow-up before I leave if I get the time. She changed my vitamins back to the ones I was taking before (because they did work or at least my hair fall stopped during the time I was taking those so it could be the reason why) and gave me another tablet to take. I told her that not only was my hair falling from the roots but also that my hair was breaking at random points. She explained I needed to add more protein to my diet and I'm hoping that takes care of that.

I am hopeful that the slight change in my prescription will help my hair become healthy and strong again but I know I still want to get my hair cut and I'm crossing my fingers and hoping that it will turn out good and maybe at least close to what I expect it to be (I have a few pictures downloaded from Pinterest to show to my hairdresser).

 x x x x x x x x

It's time to go to the salon and cut off my hair! I'm nervous because I haven't had my hair short since I was in elementary school. I have the Pinterest picture so I'm not as nervous but I really hope my new hair suits me. I'm leaving in a few minutes, but before I go, here's the "before".

long hair before hair cut

 Or you could also just go to my Instagram if this picture doesn't give you a good idea (this is the best I could do, sorry).

I don't know if you can tell but my hair is really damaged and is pretty brittle so I'm hoping that cutting off a good few inches will remove a lot of the damaged parts.

 x x x x x x x x

I'm back! Firstly, I would like to say that I don't really care about the negative comments about my hair because I love it. But I do appreciate the genuinely nice comments. I already sent a selfie to my friends and a little sneak peek on my Instagram and I am so glad that everyone likes it so far! However, I didn't do this to receive compliments, I did this for me. I am truly happy about my new hair and never thought I would like it this much. Of course, there's the blow drying and everything that makes it look super nice right now but I'm still happy! No more suspense, here's the after:

recently cut short hairshort hair after hair cut
I think I cut off about 5-6 inches. I could've gone shorter actually but I couldn't tell if this was enough or not at the time of the hair cut. I'm still pleased and if my hair grows a bit longer in a month's time, I may even get a trim right before I leave the country.

A few things to keep in mind if you want a specific cut:
  • Show your hairdresser an inspiration picture because describing your haircut doesn't always work and you may not be able to get your vision through to your hairdresser. Go on Pinterest and find the cut you want. Don't expect to look the same but it should turn out similar.
  • Let your hairdresser know if you want something specific like long hair in the front compared to the back or if you don't want layers or if you don't want them too thin out your hair at the tips, etc.
  • If you wear spectacles because you can't see without them, put them on when your hairdresser is asking you the length at which he/she is should cut your hair!
  • Let your hairdresser know how you want them to blow dry your hair because if they do it according to what they feel is great for you, you may not always like it.
 x x x x x x x x

It's been a day since I got my hair cut and I can also see and feel the perks of having short hair!
  • You look cute AF (you do with long hair too, but ya knoww)
  • It's way more manageable
  • When it's hot your hair doesn't bother you as much
  • Cute hairstyles
  • Less time has to be spent on doing your hair
  • Less shampoo and conditioner needed
  • Hair dries in no time
Some personal perks I noticed:
  • Less breakage and hair fall like I'd hoped. The damaged hair is all cut away. I still have hair fall because it's obvious that a hair cut can't heal hair fall from the roots but I definitely see an improvement
  • My hair doesn't get in the way of everything hence I don't feel the need to tie it up all the time (I hate tying up my hair sometimes)
I am glad that my hair still looks and feels good after I wash it and I'm hoping to discover some neat hairstyles for short hair that I can finally do. It's funny how as a child I used to hate when my parents told the hairdresser to cut my hair short and now I'm living for it!
What do you think about my hair cut?
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