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August 2017 Style Wish list - Trendy Fashion

Here's my Style/Fashion Wishlist for August 2017. I wanted to incorporate white and shades of red into my usual "black and grey" choices this month. Enjoy!
august 2017 style wish list

The first shop for this wish list is Zara:

cross body bag

cross body bag zara
I love this minimal, clean design on the bag and lately I've really been into cross body bags like the one above. I feel like it would be really easy to style this bag with almost anything in my wardrobe currently.

zara black jumpsuitzara black jumpsuit      zara black jumpsuit
Honestly, the model sold me on this one. She's owning the piece like a boss and it makes me want to have it too and try to own it. The ruffles on one side give the jumpsuit a fresh look and I'd love to try it out as I don't have anything in my wardrobe with ruffles.

zara white top
   zara white top
Lines always make a piece look minimal when it's not over the top and in this case I think achieves this, along with making the top simple but different. This top is just simple with a strange lining and I'm digging it.

zara dark red frilled topzara dark red frilled top zara dark red frilled top

I am recently obsessed with dark reds (not deep maroons though) and cool toned reds and I love this almost-peplum-like top. It seems classy and is kind of basic but also doesn't need to be accessorized.

zara white topzara white top

This is way too simple for a style wish list probably, but it's so chic and flowy (like the name suggests). I also love that the sleeves are already gathered so there wouldn't be any annoying sleeves slipping down every once in a while (I love gathered sleeves!).

zara black and white plimsolls
 zara black and white plimsolls
I've been really into sneakers and plimsolls lately and the classic black and white ones are just perfect for my aesthetic. They can be paired with literally anything and look super comfy.

zara black ankle boots
zara black ankle bootszara black ankle boots

I am obsessed with boots and these ones look pretty badass. The big belt ring also stands out to me and in my experience, boots with chunky heels don't only look great but are also way comfier to wear than pencil heals or any thinner/smaller types of heels in general.

Numero dos: H&M
H&M style wish list

H&M red jumper
Lately, I've been more of the tight-fit or loosely tucked-in top kind of person but very recently, I've been enjoying the thought of wearing loose, baggy clothes because you could still look put together in it without looking like you tried. Paired with my recent obsession of red, the above sweater is something I would like to add to my wardrobe.

h&m grey jumperh&m grey jumper
This jumper is flowy, V-necked, and can be worn casually like the model is or accessorized and dressed up. It looks like a basic item you can throw on whenever you are in a hurry. I love the shade of gray and it looks very comfortable too.

I absolutely love this piece! The lace trim on the bottom looks so beautiful and it isn't too much. Another piece that looks great on its own without any accessories and it's another piece I could just throw on and look put-together.

h&m fitted skirt blackh&m fitted skirt black
I love how this skirt is a little scandalous with the "v" shape in the center but can also be rocked with a casual top that the model is slaying. I love me a good fitted skirt and the crossover style design on this one makes it look way different than a simple tube skirt.
                Last but not the least, TOPSHOP

topshop style wishlist

LEONARDO Ankle Tie Platform Shoes
LEONARDO Ankle Tie Platform Shoes
I love some good chunky heels, mostly because they are comfortable to wear compared to other types of heels. I love the material used for these shoes and they can immediately dress up your outfit (that ribbon gives it some extra points). I imagine wearing these on a nice skater dress or maybe even with casual wear to dress up the entire outfit.

Lounge Boxy T-Shirt by Ivy Park
Lounge Boxy T-Shirt topshop
 Lounge Boxy T-Shirt topshop
This top is that type that you could wear at home or wear when you go out. It's universal. It's boxy so looks over-sized which may or may not be flattering (the model definitely sells it, though). I also like the visible lining detail on this t-shirt.

Cropped Long Sleeve T-Shirt by adidas Originals
black adidas cropped top with long sleeves
 black adidas cropped top with long sleeves

Three things I love: Cropped t-shirts with long sleeves, the color black, & Adidas. So now you know why this basic cropped top made the list!

That's it for this month!
I surprised myself by picking more fashion items from Zara compared to the other two brands because usually when I walk into the Zara store I like nothing at all. Perhaps the online store just has a better collection that the store near me. Let me know what items you loved from my August 2017 Style Wish List!

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