Saturday, August 19, 2017

32 Things to do when you're bored - A Listicle

1. Read a book

Take yourself into another world and indulge in a good read. There is nothing like reading a good book with a nice beverage.

2. Be productive

Do that one task you have been avoiding for some time because "it's not that important" or you "don't feel like doing it". Check it off your list and feel that happiness of finally being done with it.

3. Play or

If you don't intend on doing anything productive, and you have a lot of time on your hands, then you might as well play some super addicting games. and are my all time favorites and I can play them all day (provided my WiFi isn't giving me troubles). It's a simple game and there's even a Leadership Board to awaken that inner competitor in you (or clearly visible and external one if you are like me).

4. Watch a TV show

Or better, binge watch a TV show😏😏
Some TV shows I absolutely love at the moment are Suits, Pretty Little Liars, Blindspot (freaking amazeballs), Frequency, How to get Away with Murder, and The Mentalist. If you haven't watched the above shows already, I recommend them to you (they all are different categories/genres)
I'm also watching the Bates Motel at the moment but I'm still not sure how I feel about that one.

5. Watch a movie/binge watch a movie series

The recent series I've binge-watched is the Pirates of the Carribean series, and I'm obsessed. Obsessed. I know the 4th one wasn't great and a lot of people dislike the new (5th) one too, but you cannot change my mind Willabeth is LIFE and the ending was beautiful. *cries happy tears* 😭

6. Clean your room

Clean it already! It's been a mess for so long just finish it off! Unless you just did or your room is always clean (Virgos, I see you) then I'm jealous of your lifestyle...continue reading. If your room is clean (as in, everything is in its place) but you feel like it is still cluttered, you should consider a decluttering session. 
Click here to see my article on how you can declutter like a pro in just a few steps!

7. Give yourself a manicure/pedicure

Either go to a salon and get one or do it at home (#DIY squad). You don't need any advanced tools for it and it's a nice "Me-time" to have.

8. Study

If you are in school/college and you are like me and don't mind (or even like) studying then do that, you can prepare for your next semester, an upcoming test, anything you have to do but you haven't because you're putting it off. (Visit for study tips and more!)

9. Sketch/paint/photography/whatever hobby makes you happy

Spend the day doing your favorite hobby! Or you can even do something you've wanted to try for some time now. 

10. Online shop

Hey, it's better than doing it late at night when your brain is shutting down and ending up buying a fortune worth of clothes/items (I'm assuming you are bored during the day for this one).

11. Create a bullet journal

Start a bullet journal! It doesn't have to be the beginning of the year necessarily to be able to start one. Click here to see mine for some inspiration (if you like) or you can even see my latest Bullet Journal video below:

12. Plan the next day in your planner

If a Bullet Journal is way too much for you, then maybe you can consider a planner which still requires a bit of commitment but is less intense (depends) than a bullet journal (unless your bullet journal is very very very minimal).
If you don't want to spend much on a new planner and have an old planner/notebook laying around, here's a quick DIY on how you can customize it to suit you so that it's pretty and functional:

13. Watch YouTube videos

Go watch your favorite YouTubers' videos. Vlogs, planning videos, hauls, makeup tutorials, life hacks, etc. are just a few of the hundreds of things you can watch. Knock yourself out.

14. Clean out your wardrobe and separate clothes to keep and for donation

Kind of similar to cleaning your room but a bit more specific. If you know you need a serious wardrobe makeover, do it while you have time. Donate to an NGO that takes clothes as donations or sell your clothes to make space in your wardrobe.

15. Future planning (for my fellow plan-a-holic viewers)

Plan your next month, the next week, plan an upcoming event, etc. College starting soon? Plan for it. Keep your near future planned to avoid last minute panic.
Here's how I briefly planned the month of July:

16. Create lists

Lists of where you want to visit, things you want to save up for, a bucket list, packing list, and so on

17. Create a journal

Make a personal diary, or thoughts diary, or a memories diary, etc. You can make it however you like and write stuff down when you need to vent but can't talk to someone, or when you just have a lot going on and need to let out the stress. You can scribble and doodle and do whatever that de-stresses you. You could even make the journal only about positive events that have occurred in your life so you can read them when you are feeling down.

18. Instagram

You could potentially spend the entire day on Instagram. If you feel like you've gone through your entire feed, go to the Explore page and you will literally get new stuff every time you refresh it.

19. Ride a bike outside if it's a pleasant day

Nothing like getting some fresh air on a nice cool windy day. If it's too hot, I'd stay inside. If you have a trekking trail or anything like that nearby, clean your dusty bike that's been sitting in that same spot for ages and take it on a ride.

20. Go to the gym

It can't hurt...well it does if you get sore. But hey, look at the long term benefits. Even if you don't go to the gym regularly at least you are doing good to your body every time you go, so if it's once a month it's once a month but at least it's something. Do some light exercising to get your heart rate up if you aren't used to intense workouts.

21. Sign up for that class you always wanted to try out

Just try it. Go for one class, see if it meets your expectations. If it does, well you just gave yourself something to do once/twice a week (or every day, I don't know what class you are signing up for). You can try new things and have new experiences! What's the harm? Maybe even make a friend or something, I don't know.

22. Learn a new language

I've wanted to learn Spanish for a really long time but didn't get the time to do so. After my finals, I started immediately. I strongly recommend you to download an app like Duolingo if you are a very basic learner and know just about nothing when you start. Joining a class may or may not be for you but this app will definitely work. There are other apps too. They're free and make it easy to learn a new language at the comfort of your own bed!

23. Explore a skill like graphic designing or Photoshop - something you haven't tried before

It doesn't have to be related to laptop, it can be something like pottery or whatever you can imagine. Learning a new skill is fun and makes you look smarter!

24. Eat

Chances are you feel like eating when you're bored. It could be that you want to eat because you actually are hungry (not only because you are bored). It could be your body telling you that you need more glucose. So grab a healthy snack (don't eat potato chips or any junk food like that) and fill your tummy.

25. Sit at your window/gallery/balcony 

...and admire the sky and the birds and nature (hopefully you have a view. If you don't there are 31 other things on this list!)

26. Organize your files

Academic records/important documents/anything that needs to be organized but you keep telling yourself, "later".

27. Declutter your devices

Read my post by clicking here on how you can declutter your phone and/or PC.

28. Make plans with your family/friends for the day

29. Go shopping (like actual shopping)

30. DIY something

DIY that super cool thing you saw on YouTube or Pinterest once but didn't have the time to when you saw it. DIY that room decor thing you know you can make and that will pull your room together. So many DIY projects you can do! Click here to see some super cool Floral-inspired DIY projects you can do at home!

31. Fill up an empty notebook 

You can click here to see 20 ideas to fill your notebooks.

32. Read other articles on this blog, check out my YouTube channel, and/or my Instagram   😏😁😉 (plug plug plug plug)

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