Friday, July 28, 2017

10 Tips on How to Come Up with More than Enough Blog Ideas - Blogging 101

When you start out, it's easier to come up with ideas but once you write a few posts you start running out of them...Here's a quick and simple guide on how to come up with blog post ideas!

how to come up with more than enough blog post ideas


What I do is, when I get one idea I try to think of variations or similar ideas and write them all down at once. It's like a boost of ideas.
Usually, when you're in bed at night and can't sleep, you get a lot of ideas. WRITE THEM! You think you'll recollect your thoughts in the morning but that usually doesn't happen easily, at least in my experience.
Go on YouTube, see what's trending. Look at what's in your subscriptions because what you like to see could also be what you enjoy writing about whether it's DIYs or social media growth tips, etc.

Google it. Google blogs similar to yours. For example, if you have a lifestyle blog then search for other lifestyle blogs and try to vary what they post a little bit so it doesn't seem like you are copying them (if that is something you would like to avoid). Many times you will also think of points not mentioned in that post so you could make up a completely original piece of work.

If you find ideas on the web, don't read the blog post from where you got the idea. Just read the title. Because you may get influenced and end up writing the same points. If you just read the title then your own thoughts will come up first. They could still be the same but you may get a few/a lot of new ones.
Make spider diagrams/bubble flow charts/whatever you prefer to call them. If even two things on your chart have a few differences, you have two separate blog post ideas from the same topic! You can decide if you want completely stand alone topics or not. However, if you have related topics you could put in links and self-promote your other posts on each post and maybe even get more views!

Keep your real life in mind, get inspired by things around you. This may be harder if you are pursuing a blog that isn't "lifestyle" or something like that, but it may still work!

If you are "DIYing" something, rearranging your bedroom, revamping something, etc all these things could become blog posts. If you found out a way to get more YouTube views, make it into a blog post! If you are experimenting with methods to increase you Instagram following, and it works, make it a blog post (Click Here to see how I increased my new Instagram account's following by more than 500 followers in less than a month!)

If you find a blog post/article about a topic and you don't agree with it or have more opinions/things to say because you feel the article doesn't cover all the points or doesn't justify the topic, you can write about that topic. Make sure not to copy from other people! Plagiarism is a big no-no even if you change words/sentence syntax of the other person's work!

Have different series if your blog isn't specific (e.g. my blog is just simply a "lifestyle blog". I haven't made it a very topic-specific blog). This way you don't have to worry about running out of ideas for that one theme you chose. You can write on different topics and have a lot of ideas for each topic. However, if you have expertise on one topic and that's what your blog is about, then go for it. In that case, tip numero uno would be more helpful than this one.

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