Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Bullet Journal August Monthly Spread/Setup 2017 - Minimal and Aesthetically Pleasing

This is my aesthetically pleasing August 2017 Bullet Journal Setup. I decided to continue the same minimalistic and monochrome theme with the elements also having the similar style. I decided to make some minor changes as you will know as you continue reading this post.

Bullet Journal August Monthly Spread

If you'd like to skip this post and watch the setup being made, you can go to the end of this post for my August 2017 Setup video.

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I must admit, my July spread wasn't filled as much as I had hoped, especially the weekly log sections. I didn't really do much and ended up opening my Bullet Journal less often than compared to the month of June. For August, again, I know I will not use the pages much and so decided to try and not waste pages. I created a monthly spread very similar to last month and the month before that. I did, however, add a different element or two and change the look of one of the elements.

Bullet Journal monthly spread august

I decided to keep the calendar layout the exact same with the same dimensions because this particular element and the style has worked very well for me. I highly recommend making this calendar spread if you want to keep track of tasks/events that have particular dates but don't want to make an entire daily log for the one or two words you will write down:

Bullet Journal monthly spread calendar

As you can see above, I wrote "August" (amateur lettering) and decorated only the top part of the page with a simple black and white washi tape that I recently purchased (Click Here to see my Washi Tape Collection).

I added a small title for my monthly goals, monthly stats, and "to buy" (last minute shopping list containing items I couldn't or didn't have the time to buy in July).

Bullet Journal monthly spread

I changed up the style for the daily gratitude section so that I can keep track of it more effectively. In my July Spread, I just put the heading as "Daily Gratitude" and didn't add any dates. This was a problem because I would forget to write in it every day and failed in keeping track of when I write what I'm grateful for and when I don't.

Bullet Journal daily gratitude

Finally, I added my TV Show Tracker to the monthly spread because I know what shows I'll be watching in August and I realized that dedicating one entire page for a TV Tracker (like I did in my Old Bullet Journal Setup) didn't suffice. I watch a lot of TV Shows and one page for one year just didn't do it. I'd rather have my current TV Shows listed on the monthly spread so it's easier for me to see what episodes are left to watch and also so that I don't have to go through finished shows in the future months while trying to find my current ones.

Bullet Journal tv show tracker

On the next page, I added an Activity Tracker and a "How was my day" Tracker. I decided to keep it simple.

Bullet Journal activity tracker

Finally, for this month's setup, I have my Packing List element. If you didn't know already, I'm going to begin my first semester at my University this fall and so I want to make sure I don't forget the important stuff while packing.

Bullet Journal packing list

My August 2017 Bullet Journal Setup Video:

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