Friday, June 2, 2017

Welcome to my blog!

Welcome to my blog, Black & White & Wise!

I hope you find my posts useful and entertaining! This is basically a Lifestyle Blog and here's an overview of the series I have on here:

Photography Album

I have various albums with various themes on this blog, ranging from nature to human life on this planet. However, I usually photograph nature/animals/whatever you like to call it. I have more compilations and themes to come!


This series contains posts related to bullet journal-ling, planning, etc. Tips and tricks, flip through's, set ups, free printables and much more are yet to come! I got you!

College Talk

A series I have one or two posts on as I'm writing this and will be updating as my college life begins! As of now, I have applied, been selected into, and enrolled in University! I have and will be posting lots of tips and tricks and useful advice, etc.


Beauty tips, life hacks, and more is what you'll find in posts under this series!


Some long writing work based on my life and events that have occurred. It's kind of like cathartic writing and also to entertain you guys. Perhaps some of you can even relate to what I write.


DIY - Do It Yourself. That's basically all it is. Posts under this series range from clothes to food and more! As I'm writing this most of the DIY posts are still drafts but they will be posted soon!


Blogging tips, Instagram hacks, and more!


This category is quite self-understood. Things I don't want to put into a whole new category because that requires commitment and I probably don't want to dwell too much on the specific topics

Hope you guys enjoy everything on my blog! Be sure to comment and share posts if you like them! Thanks for visiting!

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