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Unique Floral DIYs you need to try this Summer!

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I am not someone who absolutely loves color. My wardrobe is 75% black and neutrals (the rest just being colorful items I bought years ago). I do use color while planning in my planner but if you saw my Bullet Journal Setup for this year (click here to see that), you'll see that it's minimalist and black and grey (except the book which is a blue - not a big fan, but I'm about to buy a new one). Anyways steering back to the topic...
Summer is represented by color and florals and beaches, etc. I don't mind the florals and the beaches, kinda mind the bright colors. I've thought of some Floral DIYs that you could make with any color palette of your choice - whether you want it in gray-scale or filled with neon hues, it's up to you.

1. A Frame Calendar
An idea of how your frame-calendar could look like!
I thought of this idea when I was trying to make a custom calendar in PowerPoint with different images from Tumblr. So here's how you can make your own aesthetically pleasing and functional DIY Calendar for the summer:

  • Select a photo frame of your choice.
  • Print out or draw (your choice) the layout of the month or months you intend to use on paper sized appropriately according to the frame size. (FYI, It doesn't only have to be for summer months, keep reading for more ideas). 
  • Collect flowers, leaves, etc. of your choice and decide on a general arrangement that won't completely cover your calendar but overlays a little bit.
  • Add a very small piece of double-sided tape (or loop a single-sided tape) to the back of your flowers/leaves but make sure it's barely visible if it is. Stick it to the calendar.
  • Insert the calendar page with the stuck on florals into the frame and smush it between the glass of the frame and backing board. 
And there you go! Now all you need is a dry erase marker to add notes/events/reminders/etc to your calendar. If you have some important events you already know of you can write it on the paper before putting it inside the frame.

Tip: You can use this idea all-year long! It's evergreen in a way! If you have a particular aesthetic/stylistic choice, you can use that for each month and make it one single theme. You can add orange leaves in the fall, cut out snowflakes and add those to the winter months, the possibilities are endless!

2. Aesthetic Display Clipboard
This one is again very flexible to your aesthetic!
You can add polaroids, quotes, flowers/leaves (fake or real, though real flowers will probably not last long), reminders, and so on.
Here's how I would make it:

  • Take a clipboard of your preferred size. You can get one with your color choice, or if you don't find one that's the right color, spray paint it whatever color you desire! Remember to tape the clip if you want it to remain the way it is.
  • Take some good pictures, either aesthetically pleasing or great memories. It doesn't have to be a Polaroid it could be a simple printed picture as well (though using photo paper will make it look way better if you decide to print)
  • Print out a quote or two and cut it out. You can add anything to it, you can even make it a vision board/inspiration board.
  • Add the elements to your board. You can do this in two ways as shown in the picture above:                   1) If you want to make it have a clean look, add double-sided tape or any tape to the back of your elements                                                                                           2) Stick them to the board using washi tape/a thin duct tape or use bulletin pins (you may have to hammer them a bit so they don't fall out. This will work if you have a wooden board, but you'll probably crack it if you are using an acrylic/plastic one).
You can put this up on your wall using a nail. If you live in a dorm or if you are not allowed to drill holes into your wall wherever you live, you can place it on your desk at a slight angle or on a shelf and it'll look just as great!

3. Simple floral arrangement
3 different preferences! From minimal to all-in (and a lot more variations in between!) 
This next one is very common but there are endless possibilities on how you can customize it. The selection of glass, flowers & leaves, etc.
Personally, I prefer the glass type shown above (simple and sleek looking) and the first arrangement (left). 
Here are a few additions you can make to this DIY (I recommend using fake flowers/leaves if you do any of the below):

  • Add resin or clear candle wax to the vase after arranging your flowers to give the effect of water (you can add stones before adding the resin/wax too).
  • use masking tape to make a shape/stripe across your vase/glass and paint or spray paint the exposed part
  • spray paint the flowers  a color of your choice. White and/or black is what I would do (minimalist and my aesthetic).
  • add pebbles or sand (or both) to the bottom of the vase/glass
4. Floral Tiles
All you need for this DIY is resin, a mold and your flowers (you can use real or fake but using real flowers looks way better in my opinion). You can make these tiles just for decorative elements to your room or you can use it as coasters.
Here are a few variations of this kind of DIY:
  • add a thin layer of resin and flowers/petals/leaves into a boring tray to make it stand out and look bee-oo-tee-fool.
  • make a small version using tiny flowers and make it into a pendant or key chain
  • make it into a pebble/rock shape (or any shape with one flat side) and use it as a paper weight.
  • Instead of resin use glycerin and make a soap with the flower petals/leaves inside (you can use flowers/herbs with beneficial properties like lavender petals or hibiscus petals)
I hope you enjoyed these simple and easy floral DIYs!
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