Sunday, June 11, 2017

15 Last Minute Easy Father's Day Gift Guide! - The ONLY listicle you will need for a simple gift!

Here's a quick list on last minute and easy Father's Day gifts you can give to your Dad!

1. Etched stuff 

it can be a keychain, a pen, anything you know will be useful for your dad!

2. A Keychain 

dads need keychains all the time! He may have 2 sets of house keys, office keys, bank keys, keys to your safe, on and on. Have 2 dads? Get them matching ones!

3. Limited Edition Merch 

Is your dad a business man /owns a company? Give him his own one and only merch! Only one in the whole world! Print his logo on a t-shirt, a cap, maybe a mug? You can even give him a frame with his company name/logo/brand on it. There are endless possibilities!

4. A "You're welcome" card  

If you absolutely can't think of anything then try to get something easy like a mug and pair it with a "you're welcome" card. You know...a dash of sarcasm can't hurt. A little humor always brightens the day. If sarcasm and humor are your things, this card is for you!

5. Amazon gift card 

If all else fails and your dad is anything like mine, he loves to shop online for new gadgets or simple functional inventions even though we really don't need it. Give him an Amazon gift card! Use his money to buy it of course (JK, JK)

6. Car related stuff 

Your dad loves his car? Great! Give him a customized "car accessories kit". Throw in car fragrances, a fragrance diffuser, a new pillow or new mats if the ones already in the car are in bad shape. Maybe even a little dangly thing to hang from the rearview mirror.

7. An expensive pen 

This another one of the "if all else fails" (after all this is a last minute guide). Get him an expensive, sleek, nice looking pen to keep in his pocket when he goes to work or keeps on his desk if he works from home. (If your dad is a blogger or has any such type of job this may or may not work for him - you know him best so make sure what you gift him is relevant!)

8. Cologne 

"I don't need any more perfume" - said no one ever. Or maybe some did. I'm not actually sure....not a perfume person. (Hey! No, I do not stink!). Back to the topic. Cologne (pronounced co-log-nuh. JK) is something he'll use every day or very regularly if he's the cologne type of guy. If not, maybe you can give him a room freshener or anything like that too. It also doesn't have to be cologne it could be a unisex perfume or even a women's one - no one's gonna judge fam, it's his choice! (Plus I hate the smell of "manly" cologne so I wish my dad wouldn't wear strong colognes)

9. Father's day gift set 

Make a combo out of the above and below points. OR you can go online and just buy those typical fathers day gift sets (you know, the ones with "world's best dad" written on them. Mugs and pillows and a table clock or pen, etc etc.)

10. Spa day 

Have a spa day with your dad! take him to a massage, a facial, a manicure-pedicure, whatever he likes!

11. Office essentials kit 

Another combo! Throw in a pen, a notepad, those notepads with the dashboard like things with allll colors of sticky notes on them, a small clock, a pen stand, a small whiteboard or bulletin board. There's so much you can add! Just put it in a basket or, better a file cabinet or some small storage like that so it can be used as well!

12. Laptop accessories 

Do you know what laptop skin your dad has been eyeing for a long time? Get him that! Does he need a new mouse? Get him that! Mouse pad? Get it! I'm not saying get everything, but you can get what you can afford.

13. New phone/laptop/tablet 

Okay, so I know this is extreme and not all of you can afford one with your own money (I can't either) but I put this is just in case some of you can. If you know your dad needs a new phone or his laptop/tablet is about to just fall apart and you can afford one - get him a new one. 

14. Shirts or hat 

If your dad has amazing taste in clothes - you are very lucky. If he doesn't, do him a favor and get him some nice shirts for office or for casual wear. If your dad is a hat fanatic like mine - get him one or two!

15. Bake or buy a cake 

Nothing says you care more than a DIY, but if you cannot bake for the life of you, buy him a cake with a personalized message. It won't break your bank and it'll still be a sweet gift - literally!

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