Friday, May 26, 2017

The ULTIMATE Study Routine to ACE Your Final Exams in High School (How I Study) + Tips // Miscellaneous

Hey, guys, I put up a new video on my YouTube channel today. You can see it above, I'd love if you check it out!

Disclaimer: The following routine is more constructed for A-level students than for other boards, however, if you are provided with a syllabus from your teacher/from the board and have past papers then you can totally do this routine. You are the best judge of what your teacher tests you on and what the difficulty of your class is, so if needed, you can always change up the below routine. For example, you can rely more on the textbook or materials given by your teacher if you know that most of the questions on the test will come from there. Continue reading! :)

Here is an overview of how I study for finals:

1. Light studying (done a long time before finals are close):

  • Reading the textbook
  • Skimming through study material

2. Heavy studying (I start doing this about a month or two before my exam)

  • Going through the subject/paper syllabus
  • Reading study guide/study materials provided by the teacher
  • Making notes using at least 2 study materials (e.g. a textbook and a study guide) and the syllabus
  • Revising my notes and any other pages in the textbook/guide that I have made a note to refer to
  • Solving past papers (leaving one - you'll see why as you read)
  • Writing down or copy-pasting important questions and their answers from the past papers I solved 
  • Revision two days before the exam, solving the past paper I left out as a test one day before the exam, and then one final revision a day before the exam and/or the day of the exam
Though usually my papers are difficult, if I have a practical paper, I will not study as intensely but I will still do most of what is said in the points mentioned above.


  • Keep a water bottle/snack/both near your desk so you don't have to get up every time you are thirsty or hungry. This will just disrupt your flow and concentration
  • If you have trouble focusing for too long, try out the Pomodoro Technique, click here to go to the post on my other blog about the technique if you don't know what the Pomodoro Technique is. Personally, the Pomodoro technique didn't work for me, click here to see what I thought were the pros and cons of the technique.
  • Make your notes neat and clear so that when you are revising, you actually feel like studying.
  • Make your own notes if you have time! Writing your own notes will help you understand better and remember better compared to just reading online notes or someone else's notes.

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