Wednesday, May 24, 2017

New Bullet Journal Setup (2017) // Planning

I recently re-vamped my bullet journal to make it way more minimalistic and monotonous in a way (if that makes any sense) than the previous messy/all-over-the-place "theme".

To see how my Bullet Journal looked in my first attempt click here!

I kept the first page the same because the sticky note has some ideas for future monthly spreads and the key was already the second attempt - I'll just make my next journal better oh well.

I messed up my 2017 overview page so much I just had to change it up. I made it simple, only added the months that were left of the year, and combined it with my future log because I didn't feel like wasting pages on an element I didn't use much (I'm pretty much jobless till University begins)

I added a new element for when my University begins - Class schedules for each semester. I also kept two blank pages (not shown below) in case I need them for anything college related and want it handy.

Next is my June spread. I decided to make a big calendar since I have an exam around mid-June and want to assign specific studying checkpoints to each day and also want to maintain my blogging and YouTubing schedule. There's also a page dump for the month because sometimes this girl just needs a space for some messy planning to get things in order.
I also have monthly goals and Social Media stats since I want to keep track of the growth of my blogs, Instagram, etc.

This last page is just a place to note down a few recipes for the occasions when I like to cook.

That's all I have for now and I'm hoping to make my journal look way more pleasing now than before. However, I do plan on getting a better quality bullet journal once college begins because honestly, this journal was just lying in my house and it kinda sucks. A lot of normal ink bleeds through sometimes and the pages aren't bound together properly. For now, though, it'll work...

I hope you guys enjoyed this post! Make sure to see my first youtube video above and don't forget to subscribe and all that :)
Happy Planning!

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