Friday, May 26, 2017

The ULTIMATE Study Routine to ACE Your Final Exams in High School (How I Study) + Tips // Miscellaneous

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Hey, guys, I put up a new video on my YouTube channel today. You can see it above, I'd love if you check it out!

Disclaimer: The following routine is more constructed for A-level students than for other boards, however, if you are provided with a syllabus from your teacher/from the board and have past papers then you can totally do this routine. You are the best judge of what your teacher tests you on and what the difficulty of your class is, so if needed, you can always change up the below routine. For example, you can rely more on the textbook or materials given by your teacher if you know that most of the questions on the test will come from there. Continue reading! :)

Here is an overview of how I study for finals:

1. Light studying (done a long time before finals are close):

  • Reading the textbook
  • Skimming through study material

2. Heavy studying (I start doing this about a month or two before my exam)

  • Going through the subject/paper syllabus
  • Reading study guide/study materials provided by the teacher
  • Making notes using at least 2 study materials (e.g. a textbook and a study guide) and the syllabus
  • Revising my notes and any other pages in the textbook/guide that I have made a note to refer to
  • Solving past papers (leaving one - you'll see why as you read)
  • Writing down or copy-pasting important questions and their answers from the past papers I solved 
  • Revision two days before the exam, solving the past paper I left out as a test one day before the exam, and then one final revision a day before the exam and/or the day of the exam
Though usually my papers are difficult, if I have a practical paper, I will not study as intensely but I will still do most of what is said in the points mentioned above.


  • Keep a water bottle/snack/both near your desk so you don't have to get up every time you are thirsty or hungry. This will just disrupt your flow and concentration
  • If you have trouble focusing for too long, try out the Pomodoro Technique, click here to go to the post on my other blog about the technique if you don't know what the Pomodoro Technique is. Personally, the Pomodoro technique didn't work for me, click here to see what I thought were the pros and cons of the technique.
  • Make your notes neat and clear so that when you are revising, you actually feel like studying.
  • Make your own notes if you have time! Writing your own notes will help you understand better and remember better compared to just reading online notes or someone else's notes.

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

New Bullet Journal Setup (2017) // Planning

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I recently re-vamped my bullet journal to make it way more minimalistic and monotonous in a way (if that makes any sense) than the previous messy/all-over-the-place "theme".

To see how my Bullet Journal looked in my first attempt click here!

I kept the first page the same because the sticky note has some ideas for future monthly spreads and the key was already the second attempt - I'll just make my next journal better oh well.

I messed up my 2017 overview page so much I just had to change it up. I made it simple, only added the months that were left of the year, and combined it with my future log because I didn't feel like wasting pages on an element I didn't use much (I'm pretty much jobless till University begins)

I added a new element for when my University begins - Class schedules for each semester. I also kept two blank pages (not shown below) in case I need them for anything college related and want it handy.

Next is my June spread. I decided to make a big calendar since I have an exam around mid-June and want to assign specific studying checkpoints to each day and also want to maintain my blogging and YouTubing schedule. There's also a page dump for the month because sometimes this girl just needs a space for some messy planning to get things in order.
I also have monthly goals and Social Media stats since I want to keep track of the growth of my blogs, Instagram, etc.

This last page is just a place to note down a few recipes for the occasions when I like to cook.

That's all I have for now and I'm hoping to make my journal look way more pleasing now than before. However, I do plan on getting a better quality bullet journal once college begins because honestly, this journal was just lying in my house and it kinda sucks. A lot of normal ink bleeds through sometimes and the pages aren't bound together properly. For now, though, it'll work...

I hope you guys enjoyed this post! Make sure to see my first youtube video above and don't forget to subscribe and all that :)
Happy Planning!

Monday, May 15, 2017

DIY graphic tee // DIY

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This is a quick and mini blog post for those of you who love quick DIYs!


The first step is to buy T-shirt transfer paper. I got mine on Amazon and you can just look at the types and choose which one you think is great - I don't think there are major differences between different brands though. 
The next step is to make a document with quotes, images, etc. (really anything you would like to have on you t-shirt/shirt) Print the document on the transfer paper and cut out your texts and/or images. Don't forget to flip the images/text if the instructions for your transfer paper say to do so.

Next, it's time to prep your t-shirt. All you need to do it is find it, and then iron it. Afterwards, figure out where you want to position your cut out(s). If you have text, you can use a ruler to make sure the word(s) are lined up. 

Next, follow the directions on the package in which you received to see how you need to iron it. If there aren't clear instructions then take the safe route like I took below and keep a very thin piece of fabric in between your t-shirt and iron just in case.

And that's all you have to do! Just print and iron on!
Disclaimer: depending on the quality of your paper and inkjet printer (usually I've seen that the instructions tell you to use inkjet only) the quality of your overall t-shirt with the graphics may vary. In my experience the quality isn't always as good as store bought t-shirts but it is satisfactory and cheaper than a lot of store bought t-shirts. Also, it is a great DIY if you want a very specific quote or graphic - it makes a great gift too!

Hope you liked this quick and easy DIY!