Saturday, August 13, 2016

Feed the Strays Fundraiser - Happening soon!

So I have loved animals for as long as I remember and though I've always wanted a little bundle of joy - a puppy! - I've never gotten the chance to have one.
This post isn't about how I never got to fulfill my childhood dreams, but It's about my love and passion for animals.
I live in India and so that means there are thousands of stray dogs on the streets. Every time i go out to eat at a restaurant where I can just stand outside and eat (more like a stall but more hygienic) or have a take out and I see stray dogs trying to sniff my plate or my bag full of food and I feel so bad that I am so priviledged and they don't even get a proper meal every day. I do try to buy a packet of biscuits once in a while to feed a few when I have time, but it's not always possible and 1 or 2 packets aren't enough and neither do few biscuits provide enough nutrients to the dogs.
I want to feel like I have done something; maybe give at least a good nutricious and filling meal to as many dogs as possible. And you know what? It would feel so much better if I could do a fundraiser for the same and proudly say that there are so many other people in this world that still care about the other living organisms that share this planet with us. And then i can say "Faith in Humanity Restored". Now some may ask why don't we indians do something to reduce or eliminate the number of stray dogs. Though the question seems straight forward and simple, the solution isn't that easy. It's the conditions of many parts of this country that attract stray animals. Not only that but the population keeps increasing day by day and it is not an easy task to neuter each and every stray dog. And those who might say "aren't you increasing the problem by feeding them?" - to them I say, "no". Dogs are evolved from wolves - who came near human settlements because they were attracted to the trash/landfills. Similar case with stray dogs. Now stray dogs, unlike domestic dogs, are used to eating stuff from trash and dead animals (they are scavengers, yes that's right) but they can end up getting sick and also don't get enough nutrients from trash (obviously).
This is my first time doing something like this and also I won't be able to cover much geographical area, therefore I'm sticking to only places near where I live (which I'm not going to mention in this post for obvious reasons) and try to raise as much money possible to feed atleast 100+ dogs a full, proper, nutricious meal (and perhaps the number of dogs can go higher if enough money is raised!).
Of course I'll be putting in money too.
If you know me personally then you can msg me or somehow reach me if you want to be a part of this event. This post may seem premature to some since I haven't even decided the exact (emphasis on exact) date but I can assure you it will be soon as I have already prepared forms, etc.
For those who don't know me or don't live near me - I hope this project of mine inspires you to give a little bit of joy to someone or some animal :)
I will be posting more information on this project shortly; and on the day of, or the next day, I will post pictures and other stuff from this fundraiser
We all live in this small world, let's help each other out.

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