Saturday, December 31, 2016

2016 - Life, Events, & People

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Saying 2016 has been dramatic and chaotic is definitely an understatement. 

Personally, 2016 has been a year of change for me. I have grown and changed and come to terms with so many aspects of my life. This year I have felt a change like I have never felt before. I was under a dark cloud since the end of 2015 and that cloud also rolled in 2016 as well. However, I defeated that dark cloud this year to find myself (I know how cliche that sounds, and I know people just throw that phrase around, but it's true). Bright days do actually come after the rainy ones. Of course, I don't take "rainy" "dark" etc. as metaphors for sadness but putting that aside, I really believe that I've never been this happy with my life. I truly feel rejuvenated after the phase I've been through. I have learned to not be affected by things I cannot control and I have learned how to be happier than before. I feel aligned with my soul. I have learned more about myself this year. I have learned what kind of thoughts make me happy, what kind of activities make me happy and what kind of people make me happy.
The person who stood out most to me as someone who makes me really happy is my younger cousin sister. Something made me realize this year that I am so lucky that I have her as my sister. I believe, one-hundred percent, that she is a crystal child. She has healing powers. I can feel it. No one I've ever met has made me feel that they have the ability to make anyone feel good at any given moment. I know she has come on this planet for a reason - to spread love, to spread happiness, and to spread just the best vibes. I am so lucky I got to be with her this year, even though it was only for a week and a half. I love you and I hope that the people around you, physically, know how lucky they are.
There are two other people who have been a great part of my life. You probably know who you are because both of you are my soulmates in a way. The first one is obvious. The other, if you are reading this and you are doubtful about whether it is you or not. We don't interact frequently, but I think it's safe to say that we connect on a different level. Having the conversation with you about how I wish I could find another soulmate made me realize it would be so much better if I could actually meet you often and I wish I wasn't going to fly so many miles away from you next year because I think you would meet what we say are our "expectations".
Wow, I just opened up so much above. It's scary to open up. To be honest I don't always like it.
This year I have also realized that I have opened up to the wrong people. In the spur of the moment, I thought it felt so good just to know the next day that maybe the conversation really didn't mean as much to the other person as it did to me.
Despite me losing places in my heart for some people this year, I think what matters is relationships I have maintained and the way I've grown.
More widely speaking, I bet the majority on this planet right now believe that 2016 has been a very very rough year. Terrorist attacks, government events, natural disasters, Harambe - the list goes on and on for 2016. There's no argument that this year has had more unsuspected raisins in the cookie than any other recent years and nobody likes a raisin surprise in their cookie.
What we all can do now is just spread peace and love and happiness the best we can and hope the universe will take care of us.
Honestly, I have no expectations from 2017. All I know is that, personally, I want things to go according to what I have planned for my life. Whether or not events occur as they are wanted to happen, personally or around the world, is up to the universe or whatever higher power you believe in (if you believe in one). I know that I am the Universe's child and that I will be taken care of. The universe always has a plan for everyone and all you can do to make the most out of any situation is to learn and grow from it. Everything will be okay. Spread happiness, it's important.

Thursday, November 3, 2016

Diwali 2016 // Photography Album

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Diwali is the festival of lights. Here are a few snaps I took this Diwali (2016). Please leave your comments/suggestions below as I'm a beginner at photography and would appreciate any inputs. Thank You!

Saturday, October 29, 2016

Ctrl + Z

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Sometimes shit happens.
Ugly. Unnecessary. 

The Happening: In the heat of the moment, nothing seems terribly wrong. You convince yourself that what is happening is supposed to happen. Sometimes you aren't even thinking. You convince yourself that it is the end, so you don't try to make amends, you don't try to put a filter on what you say, you don't think before you speak/take action. You are convinced that it is a chapter of your life ending.

Nothingness: Then there is a period where there is a cast on your mind, blocking it from emotions and reasonable thinking - a continuation of your delusion that what you did was completely right. If you are like me, at times you block out every thought and emotion, every voice in your head and when it all gets too much there's a wave of all those emotions you kept putting into the "spam" folder.

Confrontation and Further Delusion: Depending on the situation, after a particular amount of time, you finally give in. You may want to take the blame or may want to finally get in touch with your emotions and the person/people involved and have a conversation. Maybe both those options fluctuate in your mind. You may regret what you said or what happened, you may want to open up to someone, you may even have fake conversations with that person in your head - hear it in your head the way you would want things to go. You may desperately want to make amend because you realize you miss the person. All these options may fluctuate in your mind, confusing you. The fake conversations you have raise your expectations and hopes of the outcome but you want what you want so bad that you believe the potential lies your brains tells you

The Dilemma: You sort it out but something feels different...
Sometimes you want something so bad but after you finally get it, you don't want it anymore. It's the weirdest human behavior. Time and effort fades your desire into nothing. You start to question yourself 'Why didn't the conversation go like it went in my mind?' 'Why do I feel so neutral now?' ' Does that mean that I never truly wanted it?'. You know somewhere inside that you want it, but the series of events that took place exhausted you and exhausted the enthusiasm in you for that thing/person/relationship. Somewhere in your head, you know it was the incident that caused this change in feelings, or at least you make yourself believe that even if it may or may not be true.

Ctrl + Z: The situation ruined it for you. The emotions are different, even though you don't want them to be. They aren't bad, just different; not with the same intensity. You wish things hadn't happened the way they did because change isn't your favorite thing. Change isn't comfortable. You wish you could undo what happened - undo everything you said and did...but life isn't a computer. You can't pretend something never happened by just clicking Ctrl + Z.

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

FTS SUCCESS! (Held on September 25th, 2016)

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This experience has been greater than I imagined in my head. Though I was very passionate about this fundraiser/event, the passion I felt during the actual preparation was above what I thought. The 6 days (5 days of raising funds and the last day of actually feeding the dogs) has been something I would like to treasure for ever. And though it is mostly a sense of love and the strong willingness to "give" is what I have felt, there were moments that got me annoyed, a bit sad, and "neutral" if that is even a real feeling/state of mind that a person can have.

The raising funds process:
Overall though the process was monotonous - going to each door and repeating almost the same sentences - it was fun. The process tested my communication skills, persuasion skills, and even helped me learn to be more patient and tolerable with people who have different opinions than mine. Mostly people were either really verbally supportive or just said "Alright, I'll get the money, hold on one second." but a few (5 to be exact. Yes, I counted) were pretty ignorant to say the least. I got a few weird expressions and remarks like "why do you even want to do this?". I even spent a few minutes explaining the purpose and debunking 'myths' people believed in but I eventually realized I cannot change the way everyone thinks and had to move on to the next door. However, let's not make the few bad incidents the highlight of this whole event. People who praised me and supported the cause were the ones that made my day and I am so thankful to everyone who donated money. The important thing is that I was able to carry out this smoothly and I can proudly say that a lot of people in this world are willing to help and make a difference. Even if the difference is a small one. In total we raised Rs. 8000 which may not seem like a lot but the event was very small-scale and the fund raising took place only in the building complex i live in (and a couple of my school-mates as well). What I decide to give importance to is the outcome of and not the numerical value of the funds raised. 
The forms showing all the people who helped raise more than 8000 rupees. (Last names, numbers and signatures are pix-elated to keep identities private)

We worked from 11 am to 8 pm and I'd really like to thank Amisha for helping me the entire day! You can go visit Amisha's blog at:
We prepared the food (from 11 am till the afternoon): We cut the fruits and vegetables; picked up 150 flat Indian breads from the place i had ordered it from; bought a few things in the morning; cut hard boiled eggs; baked, peeled and mashed potatoes; prepared the meals in zip-lock bags, etc.
My volunteers and I preparing food for our furry friends!

The preparation part took longer than we expected (as it was only two of us in the morning) and we ended up starting the 'drive' at around 3:30 pm. We prepared the first batch to satisfy 50 stray dogs and went back and prepared another batch to feed 50-70 more.

The "feeding drive":
In total we covered approximately 2 - 4 km2 area. We took a little break in between and then continued to walk and stopped to feed stray dogs as and when we saw them.
An approximation of the area we covered. Most area names are pix-elated for security reasons.

A few people suggested that we should also feed the homeless children and I said 'why not?'. So we did. Thanks to my 4 extremely helpful volunteers, we fed 115+ dogs and over 50+ children as well! A change of plan in the fundraiser which made a difference to even more beings!
The poor stray dogs were so hungry they'd finish half of the food before my volunteer, Amisha, could even take a snap!
It was a long day but it was very rewarding to do this whole event. Along with helping stray dogs, our two younger volunteers also benefited by learning how to act in front of aggressive stray dogs (i.e. importance of dominance and ways to prevent being bitten by an aggressive or frightened dog).

Images of most of the dogs we fed on the streets. Unfortunately some of the image files got corrupted but we have most of the pictures up here :)

As I mentioned above, we fed at least 50+ homeless and poverty-stricken kids. We gave them fruits, vegetables, boiled eggs, Indian flat bread, etc.

The whole day got me really exhausted but I can genuinely say that every second was worth it. I really appreciate everyone's role in this event - whether it was donating funds or helping carry heavy bags filled with food or even just mashing potatoes. I am so glad I could come up with this project that helped me put my passion and love for animals to provide a really positive outcome. If time had permitted, and if I didn't have such a busy schedule, I would've definitely done this on a larger scale. I am looking forward to do such events in the future as well. :)
Niharika Shinde.

Saturday, September 24, 2016

FTS Final Stage Preparations Have Begun!

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Today I went to buy most of the foods that will be a part of the "meal plan" for the stray dogs and the foods that have not yet been bought will be bought tomorrow morning. Though I knew how much of everything would be required for 100 dogs, I still didn't expect to carry so many bags (they were pretty heavy too obviously) back to my apartment! All of this is so exciting and my heart is filled with happiness just at the thought of finally executing this project after months of just thinking about it and planning it in my head. I have put so much thought and so much effort into this fundraiser and I really hope it goes about smoothly. Thank you to everyone who will be helping me keep sane on the busy day tomorrow. :)

Day 5

September 24, 2016 2
Day 5! The last day for raising money, and guess what? WE DID IT! In fact, we raised more than enough money for the fundraiser! I would like to thank everyone who donated money (special thanks to some people will be given later :) ) or even thought of donating money but couldn't for some reason (it's all okay, no worries). I'm going to post a more detailed post about my first experience initiating such kind of a project soon. Tomorrow (25th of September, 2016) will be the main event where my friends who have chosen to volunteer and I will prepare the meals and feed 100 stray dogs! This is your last chance to let me know if you would like to volunteer, let me know by 1 pm tomorrow.

Friday, September 23, 2016


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Day 4.
Only two nore days to go! We have only a couple bucks more to raise before we reach the goal and now there's no stopping us from spreading the love!! Bwahahaha. Wait, what?

Thursday, September 22, 2016

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Day 3 and we've already raised enough to feed 100 stray dogs! 3 Days to go! I am so excited and feel so thankful for everyone who decided to make a difference! Even if it is only one meal per dog and only for one day, even a small gesture/a little effort makes a huge difference. :)

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Another day, another success!

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It's only Day 2 and I have been able to raise a total of 5000 rupees for the Feed the Strays Fundraiser! Cannot wait to surprise the stray dogs with delicious food! And then they'll love me forever! And we'll be a squad! #SquadGoals!
4 days to go!

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Overwhelmed by the positive response!

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It is only Day 1 of the Feed The Strays Fundraiser and I am so happy with the response I have received! I would like to thank all my friends, classmates, schoolmates, etc for donating money for this fundraiser! With the amazing response i have gotten, I am very hopeful now, and have no doubt whatsoever, that I'll be able to collect enough money by Sunday to feed at least 100-150 stray dogs.

Sunday, September 18, 2016


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The date for my Feed The Strays Fundraiser is finalized! 

The collections will begin tomorrow!!

The main event will be held on *drum roll* ...
September 25th, 2016 !#

If you know me personally and live in my area (or will be visiting near where I live), feel free to contact me if you would like to make any donations (even 50 rupees counts!)..and if you see me during the main event, come and say hi! If you have time on your hands maybe you could walk along and pet the happy wagging tails coming our way! 

#the collections for the fundraiser have already began but the main event will take place on the date mentioned above

Sunday, September 11, 2016

// Wildlife Photography // - Summer 2016

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I love wildlife photography and some time back I got this great opportunity to take the amazing pictures below. The beauty of "no human interference" nature stuns me and it's heart breaking to know how we are losing thousands of species due to careless human activity and invasion. Let's spread awareness to protect and conserve Earth's precious animals and plants. <3

Saturday, August 13, 2016

Feed the Strays Fundraiser - Happening soon!

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So I have loved animals for as long as I remember and though I've always wanted a little bundle of joy - a puppy! - I've never gotten the chance to have one.
This post isn't about how I never got to fulfill my childhood dreams, but It's about my love and passion for animals.
I live in India and so that means there are thousands of stray dogs on the streets. Every time i go out to eat at a restaurant where I can just stand outside and eat (more like a stall but more hygienic) or have a take out and I see stray dogs trying to sniff my plate or my bag full of food and I feel so bad that I am so priviledged and they don't even get a proper meal every day. I do try to buy a packet of biscuits once in a while to feed a few when I have time, but it's not always possible and 1 or 2 packets aren't enough and neither do few biscuits provide enough nutrients to the dogs.
I want to feel like I have done something; maybe give at least a good nutricious and filling meal to as many dogs as possible. And you know what? It would feel so much better if I could do a fundraiser for the same and proudly say that there are so many other people in this world that still care about the other living organisms that share this planet with us. And then i can say "Faith in Humanity Restored". Now some may ask why don't we indians do something to reduce or eliminate the number of stray dogs. Though the question seems straight forward and simple, the solution isn't that easy. It's the conditions of many parts of this country that attract stray animals. Not only that but the population keeps increasing day by day and it is not an easy task to neuter each and every stray dog. And those who might say "aren't you increasing the problem by feeding them?" - to them I say, "no". Dogs are evolved from wolves - who came near human settlements because they were attracted to the trash/landfills. Similar case with stray dogs. Now stray dogs, unlike domestic dogs, are used to eating stuff from trash and dead animals (they are scavengers, yes that's right) but they can end up getting sick and also don't get enough nutrients from trash (obviously).
This is my first time doing something like this and also I won't be able to cover much geographical area, therefore I'm sticking to only places near where I live (which I'm not going to mention in this post for obvious reasons) and try to raise as much money possible to feed atleast 100+ dogs a full, proper, nutricious meal (and perhaps the number of dogs can go higher if enough money is raised!).
Of course I'll be putting in money too.
If you know me personally then you can msg me or somehow reach me if you want to be a part of this event. This post may seem premature to some since I haven't even decided the exact (emphasis on exact) date but I can assure you it will be soon as I have already prepared forms, etc.
For those who don't know me or don't live near me - I hope this project of mine inspires you to give a little bit of joy to someone or some animal :)
I will be posting more information on this project shortly; and on the day of, or the next day, I will post pictures and other stuff from this fundraiser
We all live in this small world, let's help each other out.

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

// A Million //

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A million voices in my head. One says “let go”. One says “attack back”. One says “it was meant to be and you couldn’t control the situation”. One says "it was your entire fault". One says "wait a little darling, you'll find some comforting hands". One says "You'll be lonely forever, try as much as you can". One says “you’ll get over it; time will heal your wounds”. One says “you’ll be punished forever and you will have scars to prove your tragic past”.

A million reasons to forgive yet I chose the million to deny. Drama tears me up inside yet for it i still strive.

A million reasons to be open and say what i feel, yet i choose to go on the blinding road that lures me with the hope "you don’t have to speak, they should understand".

A million things left unsaid keep me restless all day long. Who said things are better left unsaid? Nothing is better left unsaid. Those unborn words swirling in my head keep me a million miles from sanity. I go over the same thoughts a million times but i don’t let them spill...and my stupid reason for not saying them out loud is because the timing isn't right? As I question the lack of logic in my mind i still persist to walk the same way.

A year ago I thought everything was in place; my life was planned for 10 years straight. It was step after step, nothing was supposed to change...and then those million opinions shot at my face. Do i do what he said or she said or what do i even do? So little time and so much to decide, I refresh that same search in Google hoping for new things to pop up, it’s like looking in the mirror repeatedly for a new face to appear.

A million things I did wrong that I cannot change, but they have left a scar deeper than anything that has been. Since when did I become this person who trembles on stage? Who fights to keep her tears in their place? Who gets anxiety attacks and panics over every little thing? Who cries on her birthday because she wants to be all alone and stuck in one place?

A million reasons to believe the universe has well in store for me but a million different people who want to make it seem differently.

A million reasons to trust someone. But only one reason suffices to make me trust no one.A million voices in my head that tell me she was wrong and I didn’t deserve it, but there’s still one voice that says forgive all and move on. They say one voice is powerful enough but why can’t I listen? That one voice might be right but it doesn’t mean that it wasn’t wrong. I make myself believe I am a good person, but I still have the urge to explode over those who hurt me and then I blame it on my sun sign when I don’t even believe that deeply in horoscopes.

People have had misconceptions about me for as long as I can remember and it’s not their fault because maybe I just project like that. But it kills me to know that there might be no one who will ever know who I really am, and just believe naked assumptions with no open-mindedness or proof.

I am at a point where I have to start over with some things that I haven’t had to do for 7 years. It’s scary and lonely out here. Is this what the world is like? Or is this “world” just in my head? Not trying to play the victim, and even if I’m the reason, doesn’t make it easy.

Monday, January 4, 2016


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I'll be posting soon after my first session of Edexcel AS level examinations :)