Monday, June 16, 2014

I was just laying on my bed, getting distracted from the chapter of ICT that i was reading, thinking about our life at this moment...i feel like it has become more complicated as more generations pass by. Not only do we have to know our school syllabus, but also things going on in the news, in sports, extra information on what we are learning, etc etc. We have to know so much. One textbook doesn't suffice; we need another textbook for reference, study materials, worksheets, other guides and we need to do extra research on the internet. Though this gives us an advantage of having lots of knowledge about the intricate world around us, it still causes stress and feeling of "not having enough time". Sometimes, there is so much to do, that we end up escaping that world for a while and get distracted by devices, internet, etc. We have so much pressure to learn so much. Sometimes, i feel so dumb when a person in my class uses some short form like RSS (just an example) and i have no clue what that even is. Maybe that's what increases the pressure. Sometimes it's hard to cope up with this and causes an imbalance of mood or whatever that is. Why is it that we have to know everything. i mean, is that really fair? What if I don't like watching sports...why should i know about it? ..Or if i'm not much interested in Computer Science, why should i know the different problems or extra knowledge which is out of the exam syllabus. Is it really required? Sometimes i feel like the world has too many expectations for our generation. They say the trend is - the generations keep getting smarter, but isn't the overall pressure and the expectations increasing at a faster rate? I may be wrong. But that's what i think right now.

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