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4 Simple Ways to Protect Your Skin in the Sun

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In this day in age, there is no such thing as a one size fits all skincare routine. However, there are universal truths to conserving and protecting the collagen, elasticity, and health of your skin. If you want to maintain a youthful glow for as long as possible, it is vital that you take into account the importance of sun protection. UV rays are powerful and can really damage the skin in ways that can be irreversible. Before you get to that point, cultivating a routine that incorporates a quality sun protection regime is highly recommended. When you actually take the time to care for your skin, you will experience a huge shift in your skin overall. 

4 Ways to Protect Your Skin in the Sun

1 | Regular Use of Sunscreen

The most obvious yet most powerful way to protect your skin from the sun is by using sunscreen. Most people don't even know when exactly they should reapply the product in a day. This answer all varies on the level of SPF in your sun-protecting lotion has but usually, every 2 hours shall suffice. The more SPF sunscreen has doesn't necessarily mean you don't have to reapply as often, as those rules still apply. It's also vital that you apply the sunscreen at least 30 minutes before sun exposure and not just right before you step outside. 

It takes a good half hour for the product to melt into the skin and for it to be absorbed properly. The reapplying process is just as important as the initial application if not more important. The amount you apply doesn't have to be so heavy, just enough to cover your whole face, neck, and ears. These areas have skin that is more sensitive in comparison to other parts of the body. That is why the formula for facial sunscreen and body sunscreen are completely different.

2 | Use Sun Protecting Makeup Products

Along with the importance of regular application of sunscreen, it's also very important that you use the right brand of sunscreen for your personal needs. Not all sunscreen works the same and are good for all skin types. Like any other product you use for your face, the same rules will apply for your sunscreen as well. If you have oily and sensitive skin, be sure to check if the sunscreen you're using is not oil based and is also non-comedogenic. If you have dry skin, check to see if the product offers moisturizing properties. 

These little details in your sunscreen you probably never even thought twice before to take into account. However, optimal sun protection can only happen when you're using the best possible products for your skin type. Never use the first one that you can find or the one that is the most affordable, because this is the only skin product you will be using more than your moisturizer. Do the necessary research before your purchase and also swatch a sample on your neck to see if you will have any irritations from the ingredients. 

3 | Accessorize with a Hat and Glasses

Accessorizing with a hat and glasses are wonderful ways to optimize sun protection if you have to be out in the sun for a long period of time. Although using a quality sunscreen can be effective, actually shading yourself can do wonders. If you ever notice in Asian cultures, locals use umbrellas when they're out in the sun, and the reason for this is that they know the sun can be very harmful when in direct contact. The sun gives out the most powerful UV rays during 10am-3pm, and so along with your nifty sunscreen, consider accessorizing as well. 

Photo by Ethan Robertson on Unsplash

If you have the option to use a hat, glasses, or umbrella to protect yourself from the sun, do not be shy to do so. You will surely see a difference in your skin when you don't give it too much sun. Though vitamin D from the sun is necessary, you already get what you need from the vitamin within 30 minutes of exposure. That is all you really need, and the lighter your skin is, the less sun exposure is necessary. 

4 | Monitor your Sun Exposure Time

Lastly, be sure to monitor your sun exposure every day. As silly as it may sound, sometimes it can be hard to know how long you're out in the sun. It's relaxing a lot of the time to just bathe for hours. However, doing so can be detrimental to your health especially if you don't have any protection. 

Photo by Bobby Stevenson on Unsplash

Overall, sun protection should be a part of your daily routine that you never forget. Without sunscreen, you will be more susceptible to dark spots, wrinkles, and skin cancer. Little actions can really go a long way when it comes to your skin, and adding sunscreen is definitely one of them.

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Essential DIY home remedies for maintaining healthy and glowing skin

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Essential DIY home remedies for maintaining a healthy and glowing skin

Putting resources and energy into getting healthy and glowing skin can really help spare some cash on cosmetics and
different beauty care products. The explanation behind this is on the grounds that when rehearsed consistently, it
can create a deep-rooted impact in which clients will never again need to utilize excess cosmetics to accomplish a
similar impact.
If you are keen on figuring out how to accomplish a healthy and glowing skin, here are its basic advances:


This is the initial step before making any buy. The explanation behind this is on the grounds that not all healthy
skin items are made for a similar skin type. For example, individuals who have dry skin may purchase additional
hydrating creams while individuals with oily appearances may require gel lotions to stay away from abundance


Regardless, the amount you occupied in the midst of the entire day; you ought to never go to bed under any
circumstance without cleansing your face after returning home. Cleanse your face two times each day, morning
and night. This expels additional oil, cosmetics and dirt from your face. You should be watchful while picking an
ideal cleanser for you. You require another chemical which can tenderly saturate your skin and keep it refresh,
crisp and smooth. 

DIY Home Remedy
In the event that your skin is sensitive to the market cleansers, you can discover such in your kitchen as well.
Plant oils, honey, function as a characteristic chemical and give an excessively delicate smooth skin.


Young ladies more often ask "it is important to exfoliate each week”? The appropriate response is No. You
ought not to exfoliate once in seven days, it ought to be somewhere around 2-3 times each week. In every
day distressing and busy life, dead skin cells begin shaping on the skin which can make your skin look dull
and aging. It can likewise clog up your pores by getting a blend with everyday cosmetics, sweat or regular
oil created by the skin. Consequently, exfoliate is essential and equally important in your healthy skin routine.
Regular exfoliating helps in expelling the dead skin cells from your face and gives a splendid and shining skin.
You should scrub your face three times each week to keep your skin from getting harmed by difficult grounds,
sweat and cosmetics. Once more, you should be cautious while picking a scrub for your skin. It must match with
your skin type. For instance, you can utilize apple based scrub for dry skin, lemon based for oily skin and cucumber
based for ordinary skin.

DIY Home Remedy
 In the event that your skin is delicate to market scrubs, you can utilize sugar and lemon cleansing to exfoliate
which works wonderful on your skin. You can even utilize apple puree with sugar to make your own scrub for
dry skin, squeeze a lemon and add sugar to make a scrub for oily skin; for normal skin cut thick slices of
cucumber and apply sugar on one of its side and use it as a scrub to exfoliate which works wonder on your skin.


All things considered, applying face mask ought not to be incorporated into regular healthy skin routine but
rather, yes you should treat your skin with face mask a couple of times in seven days. Face mask gets a sound
and hydrated skin within a couple of minutes. It upgrades your sparkle by refining your pores, reducing fine
lines, expanding hydration and giving you an even tone and firmer skin. Furthermore, the above advantages
facial mask serves is it makes you de-stress and improve your feeling as well. Utilize the facial mask as
indicated by your skin type contingent upon oily, typical or dry skin. 

DIY Home Remedy
Furthermore, there are different face mask which you can get ready at home without squandering any cash
on market items. For instance, utilize honey, cereal and milk mask to treat your skin inflammation, coconut oil
and Shea margarine mask to apply on the dry skin, cucumber and aloe Vera mask to hydrate your dull looking
skin and so on and so on and so forth. Leave the mask for around 10-15 minutes and wash with lukewarm
water and pat dry it.


Not complete yet! Bear in mind to moisturize your skin in the wake of finishing the above advances. Regardless of
whether you are honored with gleaming and full skin don't skip saturating your face. We regularly endure
tremendous pressure. Such feelings of anxiety can harm the flexibility of your skin. Subsequently, saturating the
skin is critical to keep up its strength and versatility. Further, it additionally shields the skin from getting harmed,
level out the skin tone and furthermore treats the facial mask flaws. You ought to moisturize your skin everyday
regardless of whether you pursue the above advances.

DIY Home Remedy
Some common creams which can easily be prepared at home and can mix your desired flavor puree as in cucumber
or avocados with one of these; olive oil, castor oil, coconut oil, buttermilk. You can get all types of oils and
buttermilk at much discounted rates online. There are many brands that offer their discount coupons and vouchers
to make their customers able to purchase their desired product within their financial plan.


Specialists likewise suggest dealing with your eating routine and body as they are advantageous in discharging
toxins. For your day by day diet, endeavor to restrain the intake of carbohydrates and sugars since these can cause
breakouts and weight gain. Rather, select an assortment of vegetables and natural products loaded down with
Vitamin C since they contain antioxidant agents that assist in ageing.


To wrap things up!! You should drink a lot of water to hydrate your body which is most critical to keep up
versatility and decrease the presence of wrinkles and fine lines. Water helps in enhancing your assimilation,
blood dissemination, its ingestion and furthermore discharges also. It flushes out the poisons and waste from the
body and keeps it spotless and clear. It additionally keeps the skin break out by keeping up the parity of body
liquids. In the event that you don't drink as much water as your body needs, the poisons and waste couldn't go out
from the body and makes it a dustbin. In this way, drinking water is a required part to keep up the characteristic
shine of your skin.


All in all, what are you waiting for women? Begin this skincare routine from now and on the off chance that you
discover this article supportive, share it with most of the friends too.


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Top Productivity Tips you NEED to conquer every single day!

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Let's start this year right shall we? Productivity Alert! Here are the top 8 tips that have helped me have a productive day during the semester!

Honestly, sometimes you just don't feel like doing work and that's completely okay! If you really don't feel like it, maybe these tips won't work (but maybe they will - just depends on you!).

However, if you are ready to conquer your school year/your daily life then keep on reading!

planner laptop flatlay

Productivity is very important to me. My mood is always better when I have a productive day and when I get work done I'm the happiest. Sometimes, I will admit, I do need a break and just a whole day of binge-watching an entire season of my at-the-moment favorite TV Show but if that one day turns into two or more, I notice I do get a little (= a lot) grumpy.

This semester in college I'm taking 16 credits, I work over 20 hours per week, and have an internship thrice a week at a Preventative Health Clinic for animals/pets. As you can see, my semester is very busy - in fact on 3 out of the 5 weekdays, my day starts at 8 am and ends at 7 pm! Crazy, right? Therefore, I cannot do without having more productive days than unproductive days in a week or I risk affecting my academics.

I've been very successful at having long productive days on the weekend or doing tasks in between classes (whatever it takes to remain sane during this insanely busy semester) and I've noted down a few things that help me boost my productivity and will to be productive.

Disclosure: Some of the links in this article are affiliate links, which means that I get a commission if you choose to purchase after clicking a link. This doesn’t cost you anything, and I only recommend products I love! Thank you for supporting the work I put into this site!

Want to skip the article? See the video below!

1 | Set the environment

To me, if my room is messy, I just cannot concentrate on studying or getting work done. I need at least my desk to be clean and organized if I don't have time to clean my entire room or I won't get work done. I like to have only papers/books that I need, my laptop (if necessary), and pens/pencils. Everything else either gets pushed to the other side or simply just stays off my desk. My optimum environment is when I'm not distracted by messes in my room/when everything around me is clean.

aesthetic desk photo
 Photo byBen Kolde

Of course, everyone has a different environment they prefer - you could set up candles if that helps you relax (especially if you have an overwhelming amount of work to do), you may want music (I suggest music with no lyrics so you can focus on the important stuff rather than getting distracted), you may want it to be dimly-lit or brightly-lit - it just depends on you.

2 | Be prepared

You want to make sure you have everything you need at an arm's distance where you are planning to work. Make sure you have the devices you will need, chargers, books, handouts, files open on your computer, food, water, and so on.

books calculator plants flatlay

If you get up a million times from your workplace to get things you forgot to bring with you in the first place, it's going to be really hard to get in the "zone" because you will be constantly distracted.
So be prepared and have everything close by so you can have a nice flow of uninterrupted productivity.

3 | Eat and drink enough water

glass of water aesthetic
Being hungry or your stomach growling while you're trying to get work done, again, is very distracting. Either have some brain food so you can begin working right or have some (preferably healthy) snacks around in case you aren't hungry at the moment (you never know when you might get hungry!). My go-to snack or breakfast food for a productive day is a smoothie bowl! Coming soon:  The 3 easiest smoothie bowls I make all the time!
Also, stay hydrated! Drink water or fill a water bottle and keep it on your desk so you can stay hydrated while you're checking tasks off for the day! It's important not to forget about your bodily needs and coming from someone who only has one kidney - it's very important to not forget to drink water often! Also, having a reusable eco-friendly water bottle is great to have to reduce plastic waste! I recommend getting a steel or glass one like this one: Bamboo Lid Glass Water Bottle

4 | Get external inspiration

Sometimes, you need to watch someone else be productive or get inspiration from the world wide web (you speeder......okay I'm sorry please don't leave).
I usually go on YouTube and search something like "Study With Me with Music" or "Study Inspiration" or "Note Taking/Study Session" depending on what I'm in the mood for on a particular day. Now, you have to be cautious with this because YouTube will try to throw a random video in your face...or rather at the side of the screen that says "Suggested for You". Maybe the title is clickbait-y enough (lol just kidding) to spark your curiosity and at that moment, you will be distracted! My advice would be, only do this if you think you have enough self-control. Maybe allow only 5 or 10 minutes to watch a study-inspiration or productivity-inspiration video and then close the tab once you feel motivated enough. Then you could study in silence or with a productivity playlist going on in the background. My favorite productivity playlist is this one - P R O D U C T I V E  By Jasmin Faith

5 | Find your peak hours/time of day

minimal desk workspace

It's important to try to find your peak or optimum time for getting work done. Some people prefer to get work done in the evening or at night but some people like me prefer to get work done first thing in the morning or before sunset. It depends on you but I think getting work done before other work/commitments drain you is a good idea!

6 | Wake up early

Whether you like to get work done in the evening or in the morning, it's a good idea to wake up early and sleep early. Not only will you feel like you have more time in the day to get work done but it will feel really nice to know your sleep schedule is right on time even after completing what felt like a million tasks. I used to be terrible at waking up. My sleep was completely messed up. I would sleep at 3 or 4 in the morning and wake up in the afternoon. Then I would obviously not get much done because most of my day is gone. When I began University I knew I wanted to make a big-time change to my sleep schedule. Coming soon: How I completely transformed my sleep schedule.

7 | Prepare the night before

When you feel like you have too much to do, it's human nature to push it off until last minute - a.k.a procrastination. One way to avoid this is by preparing the night before. Making sure little things are in order and you have everything you need for the next day. Whether that means cleaning your room so you don't have to do it the next day before you start working, keeping your outfit ready, or meal prepping so you have more time for other things - anything and everything you do will help you feel less grumpy when you look at your to-do list the next morning.

8 | Time block

I absolutely love time blocking because of so many reasons. The short version is that it helps me visually see my day and helps me stay organized and get everything done. I will be posting a long version on how and why I use the method of time-blocking. Coming soon: Time-blocking 101.

9 | Plan

planner watch rings flatlay

Have a simple planner or to-do list notepad to quickly write down what you need to do without wasting much time. My Minimal Planner Printable Set is perfect to plan your day/week/month without wasting much time and if you are in school or college I would highly recommend my College/School Planner Bundle or my Minimal Planner Printables! These planner sets are very effective in helping you stay on top of it and track your days and best of all they're super inexpensive. I also rrecently added planner stickers to my shop! Click here to go to my Etsy! ALSO - if you visit my Etsy from this article, just send me a message on Etsy saying "I'm from your blog!" and I'll give you an additional discount on certain products on my shop!

Done being productive and need something fun to do?
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What I am loving this month! - September Favorites

September 22, 2018 1
I usually don't have time to shop during the semester but I spent summer break with my parents and we did just that. I got a couple things from India and also some from stores such as T.J Maxx and Target (which has great deals by the way - I especially love the clearance section!)

september 2018 favorites

Would you like me to continue this series every month (whenever possible)? Let me know in the comments below!

favorite lifestyle and beauty products september fall

Disclosure: Some of the links in this article are affiliate links, which means that I get a commission if you choose to purchase after clicking a link. This doesn’t cost you anything, and I only recommend products I love! Thank you for supporting the work I put into this site!

skincare heading

Kama Ayurveda Face Cleanser (Rose and Jasmine)

kama ayurveda face cleanser facewash skincare

I discovered this product when I forgot my facewash at my friend's place and used this same product that she owns. I fell absolutely in love with the Kama Ayurveda Rose Jasmine Face Cleanser just in my first use! I love how my skin feels after using this god-sent cleanser - it leaves my face glowing! What is also amazing is that it is made from natural ingredients. I am not sure if it is animal cruelty-free since it doesn't mention that however, it does say that the product is 100% vegetarian. The cleanser is around $15 (unless the price changes by the time you click on the link above!). The cleanser is great if you have oily and/or acne-prone skin as it helps get rid of acne spots and scars! I highly recommend this product. 10/10!

kama ayurveda face cleanser facewash skincare

makeup and beauty heading

Wet N Wild Photo Focus Concealer

Wet N Wild Photo Focus Concealer tawny concealer

I have really been loving the Wet N Wild Photo Focus Concealer (my shade is Medium Tawny - 842B). Once again, I discovered this because my friend had it and I guess it was just convenient seeing that the shade matched my skin perfectly and I didn't have to worry about ordering an unknown product that I wasn't sure was going to work for me. This concealer is pretty small, it is cruelty-free (woohoo!), and has a wand applicator (kind of like what a lot of liquid lipsticks have). I don't know if the applicator is the best especially considering that sometimes I get breakouts and I wouldn't want bacteria to get into the bottle. However, I wouldn't expect a pump mechanism for a $3.99 product. I think this product is very affordable and completely worth it!

Wet N Wild Photo Focus Concealer makeup

Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Nail Polish

Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Nail Polish nude-tral shade

I have been searching for the perfect shade of nude nail polish for ages and I finally found it! For me, it's the Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Nail 143 in "nude-tral". I would say that the formula isn't the best. The nail polish does chip easily and peels sometimes. At the same, though, it has been the best nude I have ever owned. It's not too light and it isn't dark as to be classified as a "brown" - it's, in my opinion, the perfect nude! Of course, it can also depend on your skin tone and color preferences what your perfect nude is. For me, I love that it is very close to my tan skin tone and I prefer to have it that way!
Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Nail Polish nude shade

The Body Shop Shea Body Mist

The Body Shop Shea Body Mist

This product is a very simple favorite. The Body Shop Shea Body Mist is a simple product that smells great! I personally prefer sweet smells because stronger scents can sometimes give me a headache. Once again I love that the company is an animal cruelty-free. I got this at T.J Maxx for a pretty good deal at the clearance section and thought I'd give it a try and so far I love it! It suits my skin well and it's a simple and good product!
The Body Shop Shea Body Mist

other header

many lives many masters dr. brian weiss book reincarnation

I've recently gotten back into my spirituality and I decided to re-read books from one of my favorite authors - Dr. Brian Weiss. If you want to learn about or are curious about Past Lives, Hypnosis, Regression, Spiritual planes, etc. you should definitely read the books by Dr. Weiss! Currently I am reading Many Lives, Many Masters. I can't wait to read all the others I have as well!

many lives many masters dr. brian weiss book

Have you used any of the products above? Do you like them or do you have a better dupe/option?
Comment below!

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Makeup and Skincare Products I Can't Live Without! - Must Haves

September 15, 2018 31
makeup must haves skin care routine essentials

I love experimenting with new products and trying out different routines for my makeup and skin care. However, there are certain steps and products which will always be an important part of my makeup or skincare routine. I can never skip these steps no matter what. Scroll down to find out my makeup and skin care essentials.

chanel benefit nars makeup flatlay photo

Disclosure: Some of the links in this article are affiliate links, which means that I get a commission if you choose to purchase after clicking a link. This doesn’t cost you anything, and I only recommend products I love! Thank you for supporting the work I put into this site!
 makeup heading


This has got to be my absolute favorite makeup product. Even when I don’t feel like applying any face makeup I still always apply mascara. I first lift my lashes with a curler to open up my eyes and then apply mascara, this adds volume and some definition to my eyes and are me look more alive. My favorite mascara has to be the Le Volume De Chanel Mascara or the Benefit Cosmetics roller Lash Mascara. These don’t clump my lashes and give the perfect volume and length to my lashes.

Le Volume De Chanel Mascara or the Benefit Cosmetics roller Lash Mascara

Contour/ Bronzer

I really feel this is a need when it comes to my makeup routine.  I like to warm up the periphery of my face and the hollows of my cheeks. I don’t like the monotone look of just the base, adding bronzer/ contour really warms up your face and gives it some dimension. I use the NARS pressed powder in the shade Valley as contour, it is lightweight and blends easily so I don’t have to worry about messing it up. I apply it near my hairline, the hollows of my cheeks and my jawline. After this, I use the MAC Mineralize skin finish in Global Glow as bronzer only on the hollows my cheek. I like the sheen that it adds and complements well with the highlighter that I add on my cheekbones.

NARS pressed powder Valley

skincare heading


I have not stopped using this since the day I picked up the bottle. I religiously apply this every single day, multiple times a day. I love the way it refreshes and cools my skin, and the fact that I have really oily skin, it really helps give just the right amount of hydration. I use the Kama Ayurveda distilled rosewater. It lasts long, and they have a travel size bottle, perfect for when you’re traveling. This gives a natural, subtle and healthy glow and I highly recommend this. I use this before my makeup in place of a moisturizer. This is because moisturizer adds up to the already existing oils on my face, making me look sweaty and doesn’t help with making my make up last longer.

Kama Ayurveda distilled rosewater face and body mist


Finding the right kind of moisturizer is always tricky for me. I have really oily skin, and some people believe that people with oily skin do not require any moisturizers. However oily skin is also dehydrated skin, which is why your skin thinks it needs more moisture and so it produces more oils. I finally came across this moisturizer, which is water-based, perfect or my skin type as it does not add access oils but rather hydrates it. I recently purchased this Chanel Hydra Beauty Gel Creme. It has a gel-like consistency and melts right into my skin, and the fact that it is water based just makes my skin happy. The camellia flower extract gives the best cooling effect. I usually apply this at night, or when my face feels dull and needs an extra boost of hydration during the day.

Chanel Hydra Beauty Gel Creme